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Surfboard Tail Pads + Deck Grips

Tail Pads & Grips

You can shred harder and faster when you put a quality traction pad on the tail of your surfboard. Here at Yakwax we know how much of an improvement they can make to your surfing so for us they're essential to surfing. Because of this, we carry one of the largest selections of surfboard deck grips in the UK from renowned brands includingAstrodeck, FarKing, Gorilla Surf and Ocean And Earth. We offer worldwide delivery and FREE UK Shipping as standard.

Surfboard Tail Pads & Traction Grips

Approach the wave harder and faster with a quality surfboard tail pad under your back foot. It may look quite insignificant but the humble traction pad is what enables you to push extra hard into turns or airs so is essential to get the most out of your surfing.

If you look at any given world tour event where the surf is a fun size for high performance turns and airs, you will notice every single surfer will have a tail pad deck grip on their board. This is because not only does a traction pad offer more grip than wax but because they are designed to suit the individual rider with various selection of foot arches and different sized kicks to offer a lot more comfort and control over your board. And since everything from power surfing to aerials stem from the back foot, this is where you need the most grip, support and control.

Here at Yakwax we're very aware of all the benefits so we make sure we're fully stocked with the best deck grip traction padson the market. Choose from our collection of 1-piece, 2-piece, 3-piece, 4-pieceand 5-piece tail pads, and full-traction and front foot grips depending on your surfing requirements. We carry some of the world's greatest surfboard gear brandsincludingChannel Islands, Dakine, FCS and Modom. All with FREE UK delivery!

Need More Info on Surfboard Grips?

Should you need any further information on any of the tail pads we stock please feel free to contact us for expert advice from our team of surfers which includes a British National champion.