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Changing Robe Poncho Towels

Changing Robe Poncho Towels

Changing robe poncho towels are not just made for drying up since they can be used to cover up and keep you warm. Before, a changing robe and a poncho are two separate items with very different functions - the former for changing clothes and the latter for keeping warm or as an outerwear. Today, when shopping for surf accessories it's easier to find changing robe poncho towels by top surf brands including FCS, Northcore, Ocean And Earth and TLS Tools. You can order yours right here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!

Changing Robe Poncho Towels for Men, Women and Kids

Today's beach and surf accessories include the hybridised poncho - a changing robe poncho towel is a convenient item to take with you wherever you love to swim and surf.

Ponchos were originally designed as outerwear to keep the wearer warm and the waterproof version can be worn under the rain. These two qualities were put together by today's manufacturers and offered to water sports practitioners as part of their must-have accessories.

A changing robe poncho towel is what it is - a changing robe, poncho and towel rolled into one product. They are often made with materials that absorb water and keep the wearer warm after hours in the water. You will also find hooded changing robe poncho towels with waterproof exterior and soft velour or chamois interior to keep you warm and dry.

Top surf brand like FCS,Northcore,Ocean And EarthandTLS Toolsoffer some of the best changing robe poncho towels available today. You can get them here at Yakwax with our amazing FREE UK delivery!