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There's no doubt that Stance has dominated the world of cool and stylish socks for a number of years now. The brand is known for using innovative and superior materials in order to produce socks that are not just comfy, but also high performing. With collaborative works with notable people and brands such as Rihanna, The NBA, Star Wars, Disney, Harley Davidson, Marvel and Pixar to name just a few, as well as legends of the surf and skateboard worlds.

Stance has captured a diverse clientele from ages zero to 80. The company now also produces what bloggers have said as "the most comfortable men's underwear".

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Stance was founded in 2009 by Jeff Kearl, Aaron Hennings, John Wilson, Taylor Shupe and Ryan Kingman. It was a time when a pair of socks was just part of a daily getup, but the founders were able to see the potential in this long overlooked category in the fashion industry. Armed with creativity and spirit of individualism, Stance's founders created something more than just the usual black and white socks for the masses.

With direct connection in the skating community via one of the co-founders, Ryan Kingman, the brand was able to capture an audience right away. The brand became famous among skateboarders who were looking for cool socks that would go perfectly with their shoes and personal style.

Fortunately for Stance, the urban sneaker culture latched onto the brand. It was a natural connection for the community since they have a love for matching their footwear and socks. In a short period of time, Stance became a major resource for colourful, patterned and printed socks.

When it comes to the very best everyday fashion and sportswear socks on the planet nobody does it better than Stance! They have literally turned the sock market on it's head making them a must have fashion accessory not only for everyday use but also specialist sports that will help you perform at the highest levels.

The range of socks is quite simply enormous and as a brand, Stance is one our favourites here at Yakwax so we make sure we stock more styles than anyone else in a variety of sizes enabling you to get that perfect fit, not forgetting the cheapest prices around!

As the choice is so huge we have taken the hassle out of finding the right pair, simply use the filters on the Yakwax website to find exactly what you're looking for from, size, colour, pattern as well as editions and collaborations such as NBA team, player or performance.
Not forgetting styles such as crew, low, ankle and socks for Skiing and snowboarding.

Maybe you might be in the market for a smoking hot pair from Bad Gal RiRi collection... That's right even Rihanna has got in on the act and has a full blown sick collection of womens socks.

As of late, Stance socks are worn by people of all ages and from a wide demographic. It's quite understandable judging from the brand's ambassadors that come from various industries, age groups and styles.

The brand has a diverse list of resonating names in their roster of "Punks and Poets" including (athletes) Andre Drummond, Allen Iverson, Dwayne Wade, Lauren Fleshman, John John Florence, Chris Cole, (musician/band) Nikki Lane, Rihanna, Soko, (models) Hanne Gaby Odiele, Bambi Northwood-Blyth, (stylists/designers) Imogene Barron, Ronnie Fieg, Alexandra Spencer/4th & Bleeker, (photographers/artists/illustrators) Josie Remondetta, Mark Oblow, Kid Creature, Langley Fox Hemmingway, Russ Pope and Todd Francis among many others.

A Steadily Growing Sock Empire

Stance is headquartered in San Clemente, California since its founding. In the first few months of the company, they have relocated from a small 10x20-foot rented office to slightly bigger space downtown with a couple of offices, a kitchen and a conference room.

However, the founders thought of moving in to a larger space in the earlier part of 2013. A 22,000 square feet open workspace complete with recreational areas, kitchen and creatively decorated interior has become Stance's current headquarters. The company has a second building which houses the sock testing facility and the finance and accounting departments.

As of March 2015, Stance had sold over 36 million pairs of socks and raised more than $100 million in venture capital. The latest venture is their men's underwear collection that carries the same creative soul and innovation that the brand is highly regarded for.

Momentous Collaborations

Perhaps the brand's most notable collaborations are with the NBA and MLB since these happened just recently. Both leagues have made Stance as their official socks on the court and field. Of course, the company only provides them with the most innovative performance socks that live up to the demands of their game. With a multi million dollar NBA deal in the bag means that every player you see on the court no matter what team will be wearing Stance socks and you too can benefit from the premium technology used to produce these fine garments.

Probably the biggest and most popular collaboration to date is with the Lucas Film and Disney behemoth Star Wars. This collaboration is the jewel in the crown as Star Wars has die hard fans the world over. The collection features all the main characters from the original 70's film all the way to this current day along with some very cool scenic edition socks and varsity team designs.

Teaming up with Rihanna in 2015 was indeed a creative one as Stance was able to tap into an artist who has contributed in the process as a creative director. The Rihanna limited edition signature socks come in various styles and graphics that can be mixed and matched and are a direct reflection of her artistic approach to break boundaries. The limited edition crew socks have men's and women's sizes and they are individually numbered. Only 1,500 sets were produced.

The Dwyane Wade collaboration exhibits cool and colourful designs for each foot of every pair. There's also an Egyptian sphinx in the mix. But if you love abstracts and artsy designs, the signature Dwayne Wade Stance socks are definitely a must-try.

Cartoon characters Beavis & Butthead signature socks come in very colourful and wacky designs that can tickle your imagination and add a nostalgic flair to fans of the show.

It's not surprising to find the rad Harley-Davidson® logo on some of Stance men's and women's socks. Not just for the usual fan, but for anyone who has an edgy and cool style.

Stance collaborations won't be complete without the signature socks by several skateboarding legends such as Natas, Lance, Knox, Guerrero, Cardiel, Grosso, Barbee, Hosoi and Lucero.

Their latest collab has seen them team up with Jeff Divine and create an awesome series called the Surf Legends. This collection comprises of some of the greatest and most influential surfers to ever grace the waves with the likes of Martin Potter, Tom Curren, Matt Archibold, Christian Fletcher, Tom Carroll and Mark "Occy" Occhilupo.

Delving Into Underwear

Now that Stance have taken of the sock game they have added greater focus to revolutionising the underwear market with and incredible collection of premium quality boxer shorts. They use the same ethos as their sock collection where quality, function and design count for everything.

Stance has revolutionised men's underwear with the use of an innovative fabric that provides comfort and resists odours. They call this new type of fabric material "Butter Blend". It is made with milk protein, more specifically fibres derived from casein. The material is soft and perfect for Stance boxer briefs and boxer shorts which feature relaxed fabric, better waistbands, and feather seam construction.

But let's face it, guys don't always buy underwear unless what they have are already too worn out and beaten to the point of extinction. With this new line of innovative men's underwear from Stance, it's going to be an interesting shopping experience whenever you see them alongside the renowned socks. Getting both is more than just practical; it's also a reasonable move that won't hurt your wallet either.

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