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5+ Piece Tail Pads

5+ Piece Tail Pads

5+ piece tail pads can be configured to your desired spacing at the tail end of your board. This allows you to custom-fit your surfboard at your specific preference. You'll findthese types of tail pads mostly among advanced and professional surfers for they are keener on moving around their boards while shredding the waves. Get your 5+ piece tail pads from some of the world's top surf gear brands including Dakine, Gorilla Surf, Modom and Ocean And Earth - available here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!

Five+ Piece Surfboard Tail Pads

For surfers who love bigger swells, the need for extra grip on their boards is inevitable. While there are single traction pads available in the market, split types, like 5+ piece tail pads, are more useful in this case.

Like all other tail pads, you can expect better grip and flexibility especially from 5+ piece tail pads when you're surfing on more challenging waves and when you're manoeuvring or performing difficult turns. The cut-out pieces adhere better - giving you a more natural, locked-in feel of your board.

A 5+ piece tail pad can be configured according to the shape of your surfboard. You can achieve a more tailored placement of the traction pad with the extra grip that is useful in shredding bigger swells.

If you are an advanced surfer or a pro, you are always challenged by the bigger waves; thus, you'll need proper surf gear and accessory such as a grippier traction at the tail end of your board. Tread, shred and turn in these powerful swells with the help of a 5+ piece tail pad from top brands Dakine, Gorilla Surf, Modom and Ocean And Earth. Get them here at Yakwax and enjoy our amazing FREE UK delivery!