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Slater Designs

Slater Designs

Slater Designs surfboards, tail pads and leashes are made for all types and skill level of surfers. These high-performance surf products are made with either recycled or eco-friendly materials from sustainable sources, and built using state-of-the art processes. If you love to surf and care about the environment, Slater Designs is the brand that lets you enjoy both. Shop here at Yakwax get our superb FREE UK delivery!

Slater Designs Surfboards and Accessories

Slater Designs is a surfboard and accessories brand founded by world surfing champion Kelly Slater. It is also the sister company of Firewire where Kelly holds a majority stake. Both brands aim to reduce their carbon footprint by using innovative eco-friendly materials and procedures in creating quality surfboards, traction pads, leashes and other surf accessories.

The brand was launched in 2016, but since 2015 Kelly has been working on the first few surfboard models with the guidance of renowned shapers Greg Webber and Daniel Thompson. Being a brand alongside Firewire, Slater Designs utilises the same production principles which have been tried and tested for many years.

As a surfboard and accessories brand, Slater Designs has a mission to create high-performing eco-friendly products to keep surfing enjoyable for all riders.

Commitment to the Environment and Sustainability

The production of surfboards and accessories leave high-levels of carbon footprint since the materials and methods involved use huge amounts of synthetic materials, natural resources and energy. Reducing the company's carbon footprint by using recycled (PET soda bottles) and partially recycled (Yulex and Urethane) materials enable Slater Designs to lower the carbon footprint of their leash.

Slater Designs high-performing surfboards utilise the Helium and Linear Flex Technology to achieve lighter boards with improved flex. These are the same technologies used by its sister company in building Firewire surfboards.

Their eco-friendly, high-performance surfboard track/tail pads are derived from freshwater algae from around the world. These tail pads use the BLOOM foam process wherein the algae are harvested, dried, pulverised and made into tail pads. In turn, this eliminates excess algae, helps improve the waterways, re-circulates water back into the environment, and helps carbon dioxide capture and requisition.

High-Performance Surfboards and Accessories

Surfboards - Slater Designs provides a great selection of surfboards for beginner to expert riders. Majority of the current boards are made with Linear Flex Technology for durability and ease of use. For beginner to expert riders there's the No Brainer (wave size 1-5ft), Cymatic (wave size 2-8ft), Gamma (using Helium and LTF technologies; wave size 3-9ft), and Sci-Fi (wave size 3-8ft); while intermediate to expert riders can choose from FRK (wave size 3-8ft) and Omni (wave size 4-9ft).

Traction Pads - Using BLOOM technology, Slater Designs provides lightweight, durable traction pads with enhanced shock absorption, and they are packaged in biodegradable wrapper with eco-friendly inks. You can choose from Arch Pad (3-piece, 5-piece), Flat Pad (4-piece) and Front Foot Pad based on your surfing needs and style.

Leashes - The eco-friendly leash from Slater Designs are durable and made with recycled materials, except for the stainless-steel double swivels and 'smart key pocket'. Choose from Comp Leash (5'6", 6'0") or Regular Leash (6'0", 7'0") to complement the length of your board and riding style.

Although still a young surf brand, Slater Designs brings a superb array of products that are tried and tested by a highly acclaimed surfer. Kelly's commitment to environment conservation and the surfing community are among the many reasons why the brand continues to innovate.

When it's time to update your surf gear and accessories, Slater Designs is a highly recommended brand for you to try. You can order here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!