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Free-spirited individuals are among those who enjoy the popularity and distinct style of Volcom. This is a brand that focuses on three boardsports, namely skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding - all of which are favourite sports/recreation of its founders. More over two decades, Volcom has provided the fashion and sports industries a style based on youth culture, liberation and innovation. From apparel to footwear, to outerwear, swimsuit and accessories, there's always something for everyone whether you're a boardsports practitioner or just an avid fan. Get one of Volcom's cool products right here at Yakwax and enjoy our FREE UK delivery service.

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Volcom is an iconic brand that caters to those who love street style fashion and the top three boardsports from where the brand took inspiration from. But overall, it is a lifestyle brand that caters to everyone.

The popular 'stone' logo of the brand can be seen almost anywhere whenever there's skating, surfing, snowboarding and any event that involves boardsports. But the brand is definitely not exclusive to sports and hobbies as anyone who loves creativity and freedom of expression will find their offerings interesting, cool and innovative.

In 2011, Volcom became part of Kering, a French luxury, sports and lifestyle group. The company is based in Costa Mesa, California and headed by CEO Todd Hymel.

The company has a diverse list of team members ranging from skateboarders, surfers, snowboarders, models, singers/bands, artists and designers. Notable names include (skate) Alex Midler, Arto Saari, Caswell BerryCollin Provost, David Gonzalez, Pedro Barros, Rune Glifberg, (surf) Dusty Payne, Nate Tyler, Ozzie Wright, Gavin Beschen, Carlos Muñoz, Ryan Burch, Yago Dora, Momoko Miyasaka, Mitch Coleborn, Cooc Ho (snow) Jamie Lynn, Bryan Iguchi, Terje Haakonsen, Dylan Alito, Zach Normandin and Christy Prior.

For the Love of Boardsports, Free Spirit and Creativity

The founders, Richard Woolcott and Tucker Hall, loved surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding so much and they've always dreamed of building a clothing brand based on their favourite activities.

In March of 1991, Richard and Tucker went on a snowboarding trip to Tahoe to visit their pals Nathan Fletcher and Mark Gabriel. At the time, Tucker had just been laid off from his job. The guys were lucky to ride on fresh powder for four days, with each day awaking to two feet of fresh snow. With the new-found obsession and after enjoying days of riding the powdery trails, Richard called his workmates to tell them they were snowed in and couldn't come home soon.

After two weeks, Richard quit his job and took some time-off to snowboard. He and pal Tucker talked about their dreams of starting a clothing company during their trip to Tahoe, but they were not able to finalise anything. Spring came and the two guys had an idea of starting a riding company based on their favourite boardsports - snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding.

The two guys were able to start the process with an initial capital of $5,000 from Richard's father. They came up with the brand's name and afterwards the 'stone' logo. This would turn out to be a powerful symbol no matter if it was found on a T-Shirt, Hoodie, Jacket, pair or shorts, jeans, cap or beanie.

The inspiration behind Volcom incorporated the main philosophy of the times which was primarily focused on youth culture, creative thinking, and non-acceptance of the suppression of conventional norms. This was also the era when skateboarding and snowboarding were looked down upon and the US was in recession with unrest in Los Angeles and the Gulf War flaring up.

The founders and their friends travelled across the globe on wild expeditions, but the business side was quite minimal. Even without experience in making clothing, the founders setup their business and head-quartered in Richard's bedroom in Newport Beach, while sales were run in Tucker's bedroom at Huntington Beach. The first year's clothing sales were $2,600.

From humble and wild beginnings, slowly but surely, Volcom became a well-known brand across the globe. Through art, music, athletes, films and clothing, the Volcom philosophy remained the same. The company has indeed matured from within, but its free-spirited and creative roots persist.

Environmental Initiatives and Philanthropy

The company has been progressively integrating sustainability in their processes and procedures since their first eco-focused products, Volcom Verde (2005). Since 2012, sustainability has become a part of the company's mission statement (core values) and their commitments are aligned with their mother company, Kering.

The company created the 'V.Co-logical Series' collection wherein 1% of sales are donated to environment-focused non-profit organisations. They are also a member of the '1% for the Planet' initiative.

Volcom has also collaborated with Krochet Kids International (an organisation that seeks to diminish poverty) in 2011. The company sold handmade clothing from Uganda and part of the revenue was donated to the organisation.

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