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Air Fresheners

Replicate the refreshing scents of your surfboard wax while you drive going to your favourite surf spot. Car fresheners especially created for wave riders like you are available and made with the scents you are familiar with. From citrus to tropical fruits, there's a great-smelling car air freshener for your car and from renowned brands Mr Zogs, Pro and Hop and Sticky Bumps. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!

Car Air Fresheners

A car ride to your favourite surf spot should always be pleasant for you and your travel companion. There's nothing like the fresh tropical scent of fruits and anything summery that are all too familiar to surfers and beach-lovers.

But sometimes you can't avoid leaving your damp wetsuit and other personal items in your car. When you close the doors and leave them there for hours, the smell can accumulate and cause your vehicle to stink from the inside.

Even if you have aerosol sprays, the perfumed air can vanish after a few minutes. The stinky smell can prevail and the next ride will be unpleasant for everyone. This is why a long-lasting air freshener for your car is crucial especially if you love regular road trips to the beach.

When the sun is up and the oceans beckon, there's no other way to respond but to get in to the car with your surfboard in tow. Just make sure the ride is satisfying for everyone, so get a good car air freshener before the next ride. Get it here at Yakwax. We carry Mr Zogs, Pro and Hop and Sticky Bumps car fresheners, some of the most popular brands among surfing enthusiasts. All with FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!