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Hair + Grooming

Hair & Grooming

Hair grooming has become part of daily routine; not just because you want to look good, but because it is part of your lifestyle. Whether you're a skater, surfer or the the average Joe next door, more importantly if you're a millennial you understand the need for skin care and hair grooming. Finding the best hair and grooming products is also a lot easier when you choose to shop at Yakwax. We carry some of the world's top hair and grooming brands such as Mr Bear Family,Shiner Gold, Upapercut Deluxe and Sun Bum- all with FREE UK delivery!

Hair & Grooming Products For Men and Women

Hair and skin require the same level of attention and care. More importantly with active lifestyles such as those who are into sports and outdoor hobbies, skin care and hair grooming should be part of their regular routine.

When you think of caring for your skin, scalp, hair, moustache and beard, you might be daunted by the list of products you need to buy in order to keep them healthy. However, today's hair and grooming products for men and women are formulated accordingly based on active lifestyle and preferences in terms of scents, textures and ease of use. So, you won't need a dozen or so jars and bottles of hair and skin products to meet your skin and hair needs.

Types of Hair and Grooming Products

Basically, these products are categorised into four main groups:

Hair Styling - It might be easy to buy any hair styling product at your local grocery, but it surely makes a difference to get one that's especially formulated for men. Hair styling products specifically have ingredients that promote healthy hair and scalp, and washes away easily with just water. They are definitely made for men who are always on the go.To keep your hair smooth and well-groomed, combs and brushes should be part of your grooming arsenal.

Moustache and Beard - Taming facial hair while keeping it soft and supple to the touch are crucial especially during the summer months. Don't let dry facial hair and skin ruin your favourite activities and daily routine by grabbing high-quality moustache and beard products from waxes, oils and soaps.

Shampoo and Conditioner - Specially formulated shampoo and conditioner are sometimes packaged as one product. They may also be available as head-to-toe shampoo and conditioner that work together as a bodywash. For men with moustache and beard, there are separate shampoos and conditioners for facial hair with nourishing ingredients to address dry hair and skin.

Skin Care - Facial skin care products are designed to nourish and moisturise in the form of balms, oils, creams and soaps. For those who do not grow and maintain moustache and beard, you will need to use one that's specially made to nourish and protect your skin from environmental factors such as UV rays and pollution. For sporty and outdoorsy guys, having skin regimen is essential to keep facial skin well-hydrated and protected from the elements.

Renowned brands are continuously developing products that cater specifically to men's skin and hair needs - making them much more accessible for guys to purchase from shops like ours. Order your hair and grooming products from top brands like Mr Bear Family,Shiner Gold and Uppercut Deluxe right here at Yakwax and enjoy our superb FREE UK delivery!