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2 Piece Tail Pads

2 Piece Surfboard Tail Pads

A surfboard tail pad is an essential accessory for your surfboard for added grip and better performance. It also adds appeal and colour to a plain surfboard. For high performance surfing, two-piece surfboard tail pads are highly recommended. They are available in various colours, grooves and kick thickness, and they are designed by the world's leading surf brands includingChannel Islands, Dakine, Futures, FCS and Gorilla Surf, among many others. Order your 2 piece tail pads at Yakwax and get the most out of your surfing. All with FREE UK delivery.

Two Piece Tail Pads For Thos that Like to Split Down the Middle

Tail pads are surf accessories created for surfers and other board riders who are needing the necessary grip for better performance. They are available in different textures, colours, shapes and kick profiles that riders can choose from based on their needs and comfort specifications.

Two-piece tail pads are ideal for any fishtail surfboard. They are designed for those who want better traction especially beginner surfers. Making a turn while shredding can be a daunting experience for a beginner, so sticking a two-piece tail pad for back foot traction is crucial.

In choosing tail pads, it is essential to consider the quality and maker (brand). This is why we only stock the best of the best brands of surfboard gear and accessories. Out of dozens of global surf companies who make accessories, we carry some of the most resonating names including Channel Islands, Dakine, FCS and Gorilla Surf, to name a few.

Shop for the latest two-piece traction pads available here at Yakwax and get our superb FREE UK delivery!