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About us

A Leading UK Stockist of Surf, Skate and Streetwear Brands

Yakwax Ltd was established in April 2002 and has built up a reputation for offering a wide variety of products from a diverse number of brands along with customer service that is second to none! We are located on Portinfer Coast Road, which resides on the beautiful Island of Guernsey’s West Coast. If you are ever on the Island please do pop in and meet our friendly staff in a chilled laid back atmosphere.

Offering The Largest Selection In Guernsey, Shipping Worldwide

We specialise primarily in lifestyle garments from the Surf, Skate & Snowboard scenes as well as music and art influenced style. Our Surf & Skate Clothing, Skate Shoes, Wetsuits, urban clothing, surf and skate accessories and hardware is the largest range available on the Island.

Yakwax is 100% run by Surfers and Skaters with over 60 years experience between them working in this industry means that when it comes to Surfing, Skating and the fashion that surrounds it we can give you the best possible professional advice because we live and breathe the lifestyle every single day! If you have any questions whatsoever regarding Surfing, Skateboarding or the brands in which we deal with, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We offer a wide and diverse style of brands to satisfy most people’s tastes. Everything from large mainstream brands to the smaller core brands that can offer you something a little bit more unique and special

People Behind The Yak

Johnny Wallbridge, Yakwax

JOHNNY- Started surfing at the age of 14 and was instantly addicted! Surfing has seen him travel the world seeking out perfect waves and trying to live life to the fullest, Clocking up numerous visits to Australia, Indonesia, Mexico, Morocco, Hawaii, Ireland, The Canary Islands and all of Europe. In the world of competition surfing he been a member of the Channel Islands Surf Team competing at the European championships throughout his late teens and 20's. He has won the Guernsey Championships 8 times (2002, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2017), was crowned Channel Island Champion in 2006 and in 2015 won the British Senior Championships in Croyde. Since then he has concentrated his time Free Surfing, developing this website and doing the odd Surf Magazine trip which was highlighted in the Christmas 2007 Issue of Wavelength (Britain’s biggest Surf Magazine) were he received the Cover shot after a trip to Mexico. Since a young age he has always wanted to run a Surf Shop so he can put his experience and knowledge about surfing to good use, so if you have any questions regarding Surfing he’s your man.

You can email Johnny at the following address: johnny(at)yakwax.com
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Liam (Lime) Gleeson, YakwaxLIAM- AKA Lime is the in-house skateboarding, fun loving joker. He has been with Yakwax since day one and has had considerable input into the majority of brands and products we stock. Over his 9 years of employment he has been responsible for the production of videos documenting the local skate scene, the design of the local skatepark, shop products such as decks and t-shirts and has put time and effort in with the help of others to put on a number of successful skateboard events on the island. With Lime's wealth of knowledge it has enabled us to open up whole Skate Shop side of things, bringing in the very best brands and products that keep skaters ripping. Liam will be able to answer most queries people may have and is always happy to help and have a joke with customers and friends alike.

You can email Liam at the following address: lime(at)yakwax.com
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Robin Ozanne, Yakwax

ROB - Known as The Biscuit to his mates, founded Yakwax back in April 2002. This brought something to the Island that it dearly lacked… A surf shop that was actually run by a Surfer for Surfers. Since then Yakwax has grown in every way becoming the Islands No.1 for Quality Surf and Skate equipment at the best prices. Rob himself is a surf fanatic, making sure he finds time to get in the water every time the waves are good! His obsession of the sport has led him to travel the world, racking up passport stamps from Hawaii, Australia, Caribbean, Indonesia, Morocco and all of Europe. He is also probably the biggest workaholic you have ever met… so much so that he doesn’t own a TV as it would take away precious work time!