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Snowboard Thermals


Ideally, before you go on a skiing or snowboarding trip, it is a must to prepare proper clothing for the activities and low-temp locations you'll be heading to. Thermal base layers are designed to aid in providing warmth and comfort to the wearer, often with sweat wicking properties in case of temperature changes. You will find thermal tops and bottomwear from famous brands like DC and others. All with FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!

Ski & Snowboard Thermal Base Layer

Preparing for an enjoyable skiing or snowboarding adventure should start with proper clothing and gear. You may have all the gear, protection and outerwear in place, but without thermal base layer for internal protection is quite risky and definitely a safety and health hazard.

A thermal base layer is a must-have for skiers and snowboarders as it wicks away moisture build-up, while protecting you from extreme cold.

A Few Tips in Choosing the Ideal Thermal Base Layer:

In general, thermal base layers with excellent features and by prominent brands often provide the necessary benefits to skiers and snowboarders. They are especially made for these sports, so designing and selecting appropriate materials are part of the overall product.

  • Warmth, comfort and wicking away sweat are the top three features we often look at when selecting thermals. Without these features, it's useless to wear something that could only put your health and safety at risk.
  • Sizing - Base layers need to be tightly fit so it can trap the air and provide good insulation. Buy one with the size you normally wear.
  • Types - The types of thermal base layers are often characterised by the types of fabrics or materials used in producing them. These include polypro, thermaplus, ultra core and merino wool. All of which have different features and benefits.

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