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3 Piece Tail Pads

3 Piece Tail Pads

Aside from surf wax, tail pads provide grip andprevent a slippery performance while shredding the waves. Three-piece tail pads from world-renowned brands like Astrodeck, Dakine, FarKing, Modom and many othersprovide maximum traction, comfort, superb designs and exceptional specs to allow surfers to accomplish even the most challenging waves without slipping off their boards. Order your 3-piece tail pads here at Yakwax with our incredible FREE UK delivery!

Three Piece Surfboard Tail Pads

Split-type tail pads come in 2 to 5 piece systems that allow surfers to customise the surface grip based on their preferred surfboards. Split-types offer versatility especially if you ride either a narrow or wider board. But generally, these traction pads are adhered onto the boards to aid in the overall performance of the rider.

Many riders prefer 3-piece tail pads because they can be installed in less than two minutes. Aesthetically, there's a uniqueness that can be tailored when installing a 3-piece tail pad on a variety of boards. The colour schemes and designs add character and personal touch to the overall appeal of your board.

Basically, there is no huge difference on whether you use split tail pads or the single/1-piece type. All tail pads for surfboards are designed to provide the necessary traction that surf wax alone cannot offer. Especially for pros and advanced surfers, 3 piece tail pads offer them the versatility particularly if they possess multiple boards with varying sizes and types.

If you want versatility in your traction pads, better get the 3-piece tail pads by top surf gear brands Channel Islands, FCS, Gorilla Surf and Ocean And Earth, among many others. Order here at Yakwax and get our amazing FREE UK delivery!