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Surf Wax Products

Surf Wax Products

Surfboard wax is an essential component of surfing. Without it, surfers will not be able to stay on the slippery board deck when it's time to shred some waves. To put it simply, the primary task of surf wax is to provide surfers with ample footing in order for them to glide on the waves. Make sure to get you board wax and combs right here at Yakwax! We carry top brands such as FarKingandMr Zogs - all with FREE UK delivery!

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The primary reason to use surfboard wax is for surfers to have traction on the board deck. Water is also repelled when there's a good amount of surf wax, allowing surfers to have ample grip on the deck as they glide and shred the waves.

Surf wax is basically composed of a mixture of beeswax, paraffin or other hard waxes. Petroleum jelly is also combined to create a softer variant. Eco-friendly and organic varieties are also available and they often contain beeswax, a variety of vegetable oils, tree pulp, natural essential oils and pine resin. Coconut, fruit and bubblegum scents are the most common scents in the market.

In choosing the right wax for your board, you must determine first where you're going to surf next. The temperature of the water on your next destination will help you determine the type of wax you should apply on your board. You will easily find the best option since today's brands and variants are optimised for various climates and water temperatures.

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