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Travel Luggage


Travelling with the right type of bag that suits varying needs and styles have become a current trend. Over the years, luggage and suitcases have evolved based on industry standards and travellers' requirements. The ideal luggage bag should be made of durable, quality material that can survive the distances and the usual wear and tear, but reflect the users needs. Order your next piece of travel luggage from top brands like FCS and many others here at Yakwax, and receive FREE UK delivery.

Luggage, Travel Bags & Suitcases

Whetheryou're a jet-setter for business and pleasure or the travelling surfer, snowboarder or skater, it is a musthave durable and reliable travelling bags and luggage in your possession. Just the thought of losing your luggage at the airport is already a pain, what more if the contents are damaged in the process?

Of course, no one wants to feel down during a leisure or business trip. But sometimes the unexplainable happens which leads to a damaged suitcase. That is why, it is essential to look for quality travelluggage that will match your needs every time.

The same is true for carry-on luggage. Even if you bring them aboard the airplane, you'd want a travel bag that doesn't compromise because your personal belongings are in there. For business men and women who often travel the world for meetings and events, it is definitely a must to invest on top quality luggage bags among other lifestyle accessories for the exact same reasons.

Hard shell luggage without outside pockets is ideal for globe trotters since this can stand the wear and tear much longer. Travel suitcases for airplane cabins may not be as often handled, but they should be as durable and reliable as your larger travelling bags.

Choose Yakwax when shopping for your next suitcase or holdall travel bag and get FREE UK delivery and a big smile chucked in for good measure. Our aim is to give you greater stoke to shred.