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Wetsuit Change Mat

Wetsuit Change Mat

Having a wetsuit change mat on-hand for your beach adventures can make your outdoor experience more pleasant. It's no joke to change clothes outdoors especially when standing on sand while dripping wet. You don't want sand on your fresh, dry clothes either. This is perhaps one of the best products for water sports practitioners because there's no guarantee that there will always be a changing room or a small outdoor area for doing so. Complement your poncho towel and wet/dry bags with a wetsuit change mat to ensure you have an overall great experience before and after surfing. Get yours here at Yakwax from top brands Ocean And Earth and many others. All with FREE UK delivery!

Wetsuit Change Mats for Surfers, Swimmers and Beach Users

When you love surfing at local destinations, it's easy to just grab a backpack and stuff your clothes and wetsuit inside. It becomes second nature when the call of the ocean is strong and all you can do is heed and enjoy the ride.

But to fully enjoy the entire day, you will need to bring some outdoorsurf accessories like a wetsuit change mat. Like many surfers, it's more practical to just have these items they can use anywhere at the beach. Besides, many surfing destinations do not have facilities similar to a resort, so it's best to bring what you need every time.

Wetsuits and swimsuits are bit difficult to take off when wet and sand on bare feet is added nuisance. A change mat will always come in handy on every swimming or surfing trip since it can be folded and stuffed inside your bag. Other dual-purpose change mats double as wet/dry bags, so you'll be getting two items for the price of one.

Avoid ruining your wetsuit and getting sand on fresh clothes with a wetsuit change mat. We carry some of today's top brands like Ocean And Earthand many others - all with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!