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Travel + Wash Bags

Travel & Wash Bags

Who says men can't have their own travel and wash bags? Indeed, this type of bag is purely for function especially for the guy who travels a lot whether it be on surf or skate trips, business or pleasure. Men's toiletrybags are made for his favourite grooming products, so he can bring them to his next destination.They are usually made with water-resistant material and may also have pockets for smaller personal items. Get yours today from top brands like Dakine and FCS, available at the Yakwax store. Enjoy our FREE UK deliveryon all orders!

Men's Wash & Toiletry Travel Bags

When was the last time you travelled and had to look for the nearest pharmacy to buy your favourite hair product?

Or how about that time when you bought a toothbrush that numbed your gums for days? Ouch!

We know. It's not a pleasant experience to use grooming products with indecipherable brand names. Often, stubborn guys end up buying them since they do not want to bring their own grooming products because "there are no pockets" in their travel bags. Silly as it may sound, but it is often the case.

Howver for the smart traveller, it is a must to bring his own men's toiletry bag filled with his favourite grooming products. Sometimes this functional bag may also be used to keep smaller items and accessories such as underwear, socks, and handkerchiefs.

Men's wash bag is also an excellent item for organising your grooming and styling products. You will find some of these toiletry bags with different compartments and pockets. They also come in various shapes, sizes, colours and designs that will match your personal style.

So no matter if you're a hardcore surfer or skater, businessman or guy that relates to the street, Yakwax has a toiletry travel wash bag for you from top brands DakineandFCS, among other names we carry. All with FREE UK delivery chucked in for good measure.