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Riser Pads

To minimise wheel bites or wheel rashes from ruining your skateboard, adding riser pads is the best solution. Wheel bites are the result of the constant contact of wheels to the deck, which can throw you off or cause difficulty in steering your board. Riser pads provide a space between wheels and deck to prevent scratches during normal skating. If you need riser pads for your skate or longboard, you can get them here at Yakwax. We have a great selection of riser pads and other skateboard hardware from top brands available online with fast and FREE UK delivery.

Skateboard Risers

Skateboards are often used and abused. From hitting the rink and being dropped from heights, to riding them hard on a pavement, they get easily damaged if not properly maintained or supported with other necessary parts. One of the practical ways to minimize some of the damages from daily use is by attaching a skateboard riser pad to prevent wheel bites or scratches.

Riser pads can be inserted between the trucks and deck to raise the board a little bit higher. Some riders use these pads to decrease impact and vibration when riding. They are rectangular pieces of rubber or plastic with various thickness.

Riser pads can be used on both skateboards or longboards by attaching them to the baseplate and deck. For skates with bigger wheels, skateboard risers are necessary to avoid wheel bite caused by sharp turns. Back in the 80's, they were popular because most skateboards are made with large wheels with trucks of single height size.

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