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Bum Bags + Side Bags

Bum Bags

The 90's bum bags and side bags are making a comeback in the 21st century. With known brands in both sports and fashion worlds, these bags are more updated according to today's users' needs and personal style. Whatever you want to call them - bum bags, fanny packs, sling bags and/or side bags - these accessories are part of everyday lifestyle. Get yours today at Yakwax from top brands likeGlobe and many others. All with FREE UK delivery!

Bum Bags and Side Bags

Bum bags are commonly known as fanny packs in other parts of the globe and they have been around since the 1980's. The 1990's style made these bags more popular, thanks to pop culture and fashion.

Fast forward to the 21st century, bum bags and side bags have made it to the runway thanks to luxury brands and designers. These are functional items first and foremost, but they are now considered trendy especially in the fashion industry. The sports industry followed suit with simpler design and appearance.

Bum bags are primarily worn like a belt, hence the other name 'belt bags'. But nowadays, you can sling the straps over your shoulder and around your torso for a more secured approach especially if you're a skater, biker or jogger. Side bags are synonymous with sling bags and cross-body bags - only smaller and handier to carry.

Both of these bags are practical and easy to carry for their size. They can be used to keep your gadgets, a small towel, wallet, coins and keys, among other small personal belongings you can't leave home without.

If you need a new bum bag or side bag,Globeis one of the go-to brands here at Yakwax. Order today to enjoy our FREE UK delivery!