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Kids' Outerwear

Your kid’s first ski and snowboard experience should be a ‘one of a kind’ experience, complete with snow sculpturing and snowball fights while learning different snowboarding techniques. But these holiday highlights can be full of worries if your child is exposed to super low temperatures. To ensure an enjoyable holiday in the snow, it’s best to provide kids with proper ski and snowboard clothing and outerwear. You can get them right here at Yakwax from top-notch brands DC and Volcom. All with superb FREE UK delivery!

Ski & Snowboard Outerwear For Kids

Kids definitely love the fun, excitement and challenges of snowboarding. They can learn easily at the age of 7, while some aspiring teens start at a much younger age. But when temperature drops, children need ample warmth and protection.

As a parent, you wouldn’t want them to miss out on the fun just because they can’t stand the super cold environment. One of the primary roles of providing warm and comfy snowboarding and skiing outerwear is to provide protection to your child whilst enjoying the fun sport and the outdoors.

While the ski lodge is just a few strolls away, getting up and down the mountain won’t be easy for the youngsters. So, make sure you cover the basic outerwear needed to keep your kids comfy and warm even before heading outdoors.

Here are the top three you will need:

  1. Base Layer - When choosing outerwear for kids, start by looking for appropriate base layer. Insulated, fleece and thermal clothes are some of the most popular base layers your kids should wear for skiing or snowboarding.
  2. Jackets – They are available in vast varieties, but choose children’s snowboard jackets with excellent waterproof level, breathability rating and correct fit.
  3. Winter Pants - Ski and winter pants come in shell, insulated and softshell. They are great for keeping kids warm in the cold outdoors, whilst wicking away sweat when it’s a bit warmer.

Shop for kids’ outerwear from today’s top brands DC and Volcom. All with amazing FREE UK delivery at Yakwax!