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Mitten Wetsuit Gloves

Mitten Wetsuit Gloves

Wetsuit surfing mittens are neoprene-based variant of surfing/wetsuit gloves which were designed to protect riders from getting frostbites while paddling and shredding in extremely cold waters. These wetsuit mitts may have a similar design with your soft and fluffy winter mittens, but they are especially made for riding the waves. Renowned surf brands that create wetsuits often offer wetsuit surfing mitts created with precision, innovation and the surfer in mind. You can get them at Yakwax together with our FREE UK delivery!

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The prospect of surfing in cold waters is both challenging and exciting for riders. But in order to fulfilsuch feat, you need a complete gear to keep you warm, safe and protected from the neck down. Wetsuits are essentially not just the suit you wear to protect your body, but it also involves protection for your feet and hands.

Wetsuit surfing mittens are especially designed to keep your fingers comfortably snug and protected from the cold. The possibilities of injuries, frost bite, numbing fingers, stiffing finger bones and other scenarios are just minutes away from happening while you're shredding.

Although wetsuit surfing mitts and other surfing accessories are not always included when you purchase a suit, getting a pair for cold weather surfing is essential. Consider the possibilities of future surfing expeditions in low temperature regions to help you decide on when to purchase wetsuit mitts. And wherever you go, it's best to ensure that you have all the gear and attire you need in your travel bag.

Whether you choose a pair of 1.5mm neoprene-based wetsuit mitts or a thicker pair in 6mm, always remember that your hands and fingers must be fully protected from extremely low temperatures in order for you to paddle and grip your board while out there in the open seas.

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