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Skateboard Wheels

Skateboard Wheels

Your skateboard wheels have a great impact on your speed and performance, so make sure to choose the right set of wheels based on their type and characteristics. Consider function, type and size when looking for skate wheels, whether you are building a new skateboard or just needing replacement. At Yakwax, we have the best wheels for you from an awesome range - in various sizes, colours and designs from world-renowned brands Autobahn, Bones, Crupie and Spitfire. All with superb FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!

Skateboard Wheels - Online UK Shop

Skateboard wheels were first introduced in 1940. Over the years, they have transformed and become sleeker thanks to innovative designs, processes and high-quality materials.

Today's generation of skateboarders benefit greatly from the advancements in skateboard design and methods. All the key components of a skateboard are designed, produced and tested based on the needs of all types of skaters.

As a major component, skate wheels are the ones that take the brunt of the action and the typical wear and tear of skateboarding. Choosing the right size for your board is essential since wheels can affect the way you shred, your speed and movement, and the way you do tricks.

Other considerations in choosing skate wheels:

  1. Specific wheels for different needs - There are wheels for street, wheels for park and there are also wheels for sidewalks. Know your exact needs within those categories.
  2. Hardness - Know the wheel's hardness and consider getting a set with the best durometer rating that can match your ability.
  3. Width and diameter - The standard wheel diameter found in most skateboards is between 50mm and 60mm. Pick the wheel measurement that best fit your needs and type of terrain you shred.
  4. Choose trusted brands - Some of the best and most trusted skate wheel brands are Birdhouse, Chocolate, Gold and OJs. All available at our store.

Enjoy our amazing FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!