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Ace Trucks

Ace Trucks

Ace is one of today's leading skateboard truck brands that let you grind rails and concrete day in day out. They are a company founded by tenured skaters who understand the essence of high-performance skate trucks with the addition of innovation for utmost quality. Ace is not just about 'loose trucks' for achieving awesome quick turns, but they have also added other skate-related products such as hardware, hats, apparel, and accessories. If you love the thrill of swift turns and non-stop grinding, Ace skateboard trucks is a must. Get them here at Yakwax together with our FREE UK delivery!

Ace Skateboard Trucks and Accessories UK

Founded in 2006 in L.A. by Joey Tershay and Steve "Shrewgy" Ruge, Ace is considered as one true independent brand in the industry. The founders have over 20 years of combined experience specifically in the field of skateboard trucks.

Currently, Ace is one of the many brands under Unheard Distribution - a Portland-based company that specialises in select skateboard hardgoods, with focus on supporting the Northwest skate market. However, Ace's famous skate trucks, accessories and hardgoods are also available across the globe through hundreds of specialty skate shops like us here at Yakwax, distributors and online retailers.

As of late, the company also produce skateboard hardware (replacement kingpin, truck bushings, pivot cups), clothing and headwear (tees, hoodies, hats, beanies, jackets, socks), and accessories (patches, stickers).

They also have long list of team riders including Rick Ibaseta, Ed Selego, Scott Obradivich, Kyle Berard, Brett Abramsky, Mike Peterson, Corbin Harris, Masataka Yamashiro, Raven Tershay, Barret "Chicken" Deck, Frank Faria, Rick "The Doctor" Blackhart, Shota Kubo, Greyson Fletcher, Demarcus James, Adam Emery, Ace Pelka, Barry Walsh, Matt Rodriguez, Ronnie Sandoval, and many more.

Built to Grind

In the quest for high-performance skateboard trucks, you will surely stumble upon Ace Trucks online and offline. Your pals at the skate parks may be using them already particularly those who love to grind concrete and railings, and those who love fast and furious turns.

These are the qualities that make Ace skate trucks very popular and one of the most sought-after brands in the market today. With the ever-growing need for durability and longevity in skateboard hardware and accessories, these trucks have excellent construction and can withstand even the most hardcore skaters out there.

Technically, Ace skateboard trucks are lightweight and built with titanium axels and steel kingpins. They are engineered to meet the demands of skaters of all skill levels and varying needs.

The 'high trucks' are made for beginner and advanced skaters. They are, however, great for streets, ditches, and parks, and for cruising.

Physically, Ace trucks are cone shaped at the end of the hanger where the axel is visible. This feature allows precision fit to the inner race of the bearing and eliminates inner speed rings. For skaters looking for superb responsive setup, these trucks should be at the top of your options.

They are available in a variety of truck styles and colours, and the kingpins are built at various heights. They look simple and comparatively slim with controlled steadiness, with lower kingpin to ensure a smoother grind against curbs and railings, and thicker at the centre for maximum strength against shock. These skate trucks are made for easy turns and glides, and lengthy sessions on any terrain.

Old School Look

To get a non biased opinion we checked out skateboarding forums to find out what skaters think about Ace trucks. A number of times we came across forum members mentioning their overall look and feel, aesthetically speaking. Some skaters compare them to classic Indy's due to their appearance; while others think they're 'truck porn' due to their sleekness and simplicity, and the variety of colours available.

But when it comes down to performance, the majority agrees that Ace's is among the excellent skate trucks in the industry. If you haven't tried these trucks, better get them today here at Yakwax! We ship anywhere in the UK with our superb FREE delivery service as well as offing worldwide delivery.