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Mob Grip

Mob skateboard grip is the number one choice of skaters from all over the globe. This is a brand that knows exactly what attracts skaters - a rad product with awesome designs and colours that can possibly convey the character and individual taste of each skater. Known for the various types of grip tape and related accessories, Mob understands the need when it comes to the 'consumable' part of the deck. For black, coloured, graphic, coarse, clear and collaborative grips, Mob has everything you could ask for! Get yours here at Yakwax together with our killer FREE UK delivery service.

Mob Skateboard Grip Tape

Founded in 2000, Mob skateboard grip is one of the most popular and ever-growing skate brands in the industry. Hordes of skaters - newbies, amateurs, pros and occasional shredders - have touted the primary product "the grippiest" skateboard grip tape of all. It is also considered as the number one choice among pro skaters.

As mentioned earlier, pros love Mob grip tape. Almost all of the existing professional skateboarders have used or are still using the product for their boards during their practice sessions, tours, competitions and casual shredding days. There are too many of them to mention here, but to say that the best of the best in the sport including Arto Saari, Brian Anderson, Chaz Ortiz, the late Dylan Rieder, Jerry Hsu, Louie Barletta, Mike Mo Capaldi, Nyjah Huston, Pedro Barros, Ryan Reyes, Sammy Baca, Tom Asta, Tom Penny and Youness Amrani, among many others, grace one dedicated page on the brand's website.

Not Just Your Good Ol' Black Grip Tape

Although the standard plain, black grip tape is here to stay, Mob has carved a niche within the category they are in. Surely, it wouldn't hurt to stick a red grip tape or a rainbow themed one if you feel like it.

Having an array of options when it comes to colour schemes, artwork and overall design enable skaters to further express themselves as individuals. You will find categories such as the standard black, colours, M-80, graphic, laser cut, clear, coarse, Haslam skates graphic, and the seasonal releases and collaborative grips.

To complement, Mob also have accessories such as grip tape file, grip cleaner, decals, carpet mats, tape roller, and logo banners.

Positive Reviews

Although many reviewers online have mentioned that Mob grip tapes have the potential to destroy your shoes in a very short while, hardcore skaters of all skill levels have a huge advantage on the quality and grittiness of Mob. Imagine doing the hardest tricks while staying on your board, many reviews emphasize this and this is also one of the many reasons why pro skaters love the product.

Aside from strong grip, you won't have any problem sticking the tape on your deck. Thanks to the tiny perforations on the grip's surface, you won't risk having air bubbles trapped on your grip tape which can potentially disrupt and ruin your skating experience.

For all-terrain skaters, many reviews have positive remarks. Whether you shred the parks, streets or other challenging surfaces, Mob grip tape won't disappoint. Reviewers highly recommend the product especially for frequent shredding because they last longer than other brands.

Collaborations with other Known Skate Brands

  • High Times - This series of grip tapes feature all-over weed graphics with the High Times logo.
  • Visual Van Styles - This collaboration feature images of alluring, sexy models. 
  • RipNDip - If you love Nermal the kitty, you'll love this collaborative series of graphic grip sheets.
  • Spitfire x Deathwish - This series feature the Spitfire x Deathwish big head.
  • Thrasher - A series of assorted styles and colour schemes with the Thrasher text/logo as focal points on the standard black grip.
  • Independent - A mix of text graphics of the Independent brand on basic black Mob grip tape.
  • Creature - Yellow and green are prominent colour themes on this collaborative series of grip; with the Hippy Skull as the main attraction on majority of the designs.
  • Santa Cruz - A series of graphic grip tape featuring the screaming hand, the brand logo and other colourful creepy, crazy characters.
  • Krux - This series of graphic grip tape include colourful images on every sheet - if you like candy, cats, the cosmos, hotdog on a bun, and rainbow colours you'll surely love this series.

The graphic and colour grip tapes by Mob are just in time for springtime and summertime fun. So, why not add a dash of colour this time on top of your deck. With numerous categories and designs to choose from, you'll be able to express your individual style even more.

Check our collection of Mob grip tapes for their latest designs and colour themes. Enjoy our FREE UK delivery service when you order right here at Yakwax!