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Dakine is one of the many iconic, tenured brands in the surf industry. They are focused mainly on designing stylish, but definitely functional bags for all sorts of extreme sports enthusiasts such as surfers, bikers, snowboarders, kiteboarders and windsurfers. A great range of bags and luggage for all ages, as well as bag accessories, travel bags, wallets and apparel await those who love sports and adventure with a touch of style. So, don't be surprised to find Dakine bags and accessories in many places and with different ages. Get yours today at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!

Dakine Surf Gear & Bags - Online UK Store

Dakine was founded in Maui, Hawaii in 1979. The company is now situated at the foot of Mt. Hood in Hood River, Oregon. They are known for producing bags, backpacks, travel bags, apparel and accessories for sporty individuals who love to surf, mountain bike, snowboard, skateboard, ski, kiteboard, windsurf and travel. Even if you're not an athletic person, you may find Dakine's products stylish, interesting and quite functional.

History of Dakine

In 1979, Maui's North Shore became the birthplace of Dakine. Avid surfer and tinkerer, Rob Kaplan, was the go-to guy of fellow surfers with gear problems, mainly broken surf leashes. He repaired numerous leashes and wanted to create a new type of leash with proper stitching and durable enough to withstand the elements.

Dakine introduced to the market an adjustable foot strap for windsurfing in 1980, followed by a waist harness and a range of travel bags in 1982. In 1983, the first seat harness and now omnipresent thermo-moulded waist harness were produced. With such innovations in windsurfing equipment, riders are able to sail faster, jump higher and shred in more challenging conditions. These innovations cemented Dakine's reputation as one of the sport's most trusted brands.

In 1986, Hood River became the centre of windsurfing and Dakine moved its headquarters there, but kept a strong presence in Maui. Snowboarders and skiers from across the globe train in Hood River during summer, so it wasn't long when one of the snowboarders went in the company's office to request for an 'essentials-only' pack that he can take during his heli trips to Alaska. That special request turned out to be one of those iconic products - the Dakine Heli Pack.

The Hood River is such a favourite among extreme sports athletes and they congregate in the area for adventures and sports activities all year-round. Around 2005, the area had become a legit mountain bike destination - bringing in new and old friends with special requests to solve their biking gear problems.

Products that Solve Problems

Dakine has created hundreds of products that never existed prior and they have solved the problems and helped surfers, snowboarders, kiteboarders, mountain bikers, skiers and windsurfers enjoy more time in the water and on the slopes. All it's all about making products they can be proud of, so the end-users can spend and enjoy more time on their favourite destinations.

Not only does the company have a great range of products, their long list of team riders from all of the sports they cater to are a testament to the quality and functionality of their products.

When it's time to invest on new sports and travel bags, Dakine is one of the brands we highly recommend. Order yours at Yakwax and enjoy our amazing FREE UK delivery!