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Baby & Toddler Clothing + Accessories

Shopping for your baby is fun these days thanks to the endless options available for young children, this is made even better by surf and skateboard brands. No matter the season, there are vast varieties of baby and toddler wear to suit the warm and cold months. With the seasons and with comfort in mind, finding baby and toddler socks, clothes and accessories is a lot easier. If you need high-quality apparel and accessories for your babies, top brands like Stance provide a great selection. Enjoy FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!

Baby & Toddler Surf and Skate Fashion Wear

Between feeding and taking care of your baby, the next thing you think about is their daily wear and occasional outfits. The most important factors to consider when looking for baby and toddler clothes are the quality of materials and the comfort they provide to the young wearer.

If you need to buy new set of baby wear, it's best to keep mind that small children grow fast and will require dozens of toddler clothes available in their closets. This is one of the reasons why some parents set a clothing budget for each toddler in the family to ensure that every season, their kids have new and appropriately sized baby wear.

Top Three Baby Fashion Essentials


When buying baby and toddler clothing, it is essential to understand the size, style and material. With regards to size, you can buy one with exact fit or consider a size larger, so you don't have to return/exchange the item if it is too small.

When it comes to style, two things should be kept in mind - appearance and practicality. A young child's clothing should be practical, comfortable and durable. But for parents who enjoy dressing their babies in various styles, appearance is a matter of parental preference. As for material, cotton is always the best choice especially for infants and toddlers with sensitive skin. Know how sizing works as it varies from brand to brand.


Babies' shoes along with soft and comfortable socks are useful for keeping their feet warm and protected. Once your child learns how to walk, it's time to provide the little tot with real shoes.

You can choose baby shoes that are made of cloth, leather or canvas. Little ones outgrow their shoes quickly, so a new pair may no longer fit after just a few months. Measure your baby's feet at least every couple of months, so you'll know the latest size.

When it's time to shop for new baby and toddler shoes, always choose breathable, flexible and lightweight pairs to ensure your child's comfort. Also, don't forget to measure his/her feet before buying new shoes to ensure the right fit.


When the basics like baby care products, furniture and clothing are already in place, the next items to shop for accessories.

Most baby accessories fall into categories of baby care, feeding, travel and hygiene. These items are necessary wherever baby and mom are out and about. But another category of accessories involves fashion add-ons such as hats, beanies and socks for your little one.

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