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Skateboard Kingpins


Skateboard kingpins are among the essential hardware components of skateboard trucks. The kingpin connects the truck hanger to the baseplate. Its angle and tightness could directly impact your skate performance. To get ample stability at higher speeds, having the proper angle degree is necessary. Grab a new kingpin online from Thunder and other top brands, right here at Yakwax to complete or improve the performance of your skateboard trucks! All with FREE UK delivery.

Skateboard Kingpins - UK Store

Skateboards were designed to get scratched, dropped and dented. Since some of its parts are "consumable", changing your skateboardhardwareis necessary to improve your riding performance. Among these components are skateboard trucks.

Trucks are made with many different parts. There you can find the base plate that connects to the deck and the bolt that comes through the base plate, also known as the kingpin. Technically, kingpins are big bolts designed to hold the truck parts together. Although quite small, kingpins play an important role for your skate trucks. In particular, when loosening or tightening the bolts that push down the bushings to control the amount of pivot every time you skate.

To keep your skateboard in optimal condition, regular maintenance on your trucks - such as adjusting or replacing the kingpins - is essential.

Tightening and Replacing Your Kingpin

  • To make adjustments on trucks, you may use a skate tool by unscrewing and reinserting the kingpins. Make sure to count the number of rotations until you achieve the tightness you desire.
  • When kingpins have broken, make sure to remove the trucks from your board first. Carefully tap the old kingpin out using a hammer. Gently hammer the kingpin to put it into place.

Thinking about replacing your old skateboard kingpins?Order yours right here at Yakwax from top brands including Thunder and many others! All with FREE UK delivery.