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Ding All

Ding All Surfboard Repair

With over 30 years of existence, Ding All surfboard repair kit continues to help fix dings and cracks. This ding repair system is designed for surfers to carry the kits along with them, so they can easily repair their boards on their own. Whether you need an Epoxy or Polyester resin, or ‘sun cure’ variant to fix the type of board you have, there’s a Ding All repair kit to help you fix it.

Ding All Surfboard Repair Kit - UK Shop

Considered as the ‘original resin repair system’, Ding All surfboard repair kit was created in 1985 by Dale Christenson as a class project at Flagler College in Florida. Funding his first repair kits with $60, Dale made use of a small utility shed along the coastline of Vilano Beach, Florida. 

Initially, Dale repaired the college kids’ surfboard dings at the Flagler College dorms. But due to time constraints, he began assembling do-it-yourself ding repair kits for his collage mates to lessen his workload. 

It was at the Sun & Surf Shop on Saint George Street where the first Ding All surfboard repair kits were sold. This was also the shop where Dale used to work and hone his knowledge about the surfing industry. Fast forward to a few years later, the company also produced other product lines including Surf Source and Sun Cure products. 

Some of Ding All’s Popular Products on the market

Standard (Polyester) Repair Kit – This is an all-around repair kit used for most polyester ding repair. It comes with non-yellowing, ultra-clear 250A sanding resin that is often used in most polyester surfboards; liquid hardener; fibreglass cloth; measuring cup; sanding pad; applicator sticks; clear Mylar cover sheets; and easy to follow instructions. 

Epoxy Repair Kit – This dual-purpose repair kit can be used on both Epoxy and Polyester surfboards. The kit includes ultra-clear, non-yellowing SS 2000 resin; liquid hardener; fibreglass cloth patch; sanding pad; mixing/applicator sticks; cover sheet; and easy to follow instructions. 

Q-Cell Filler – This is a white powdery material used in thickening Epoxy and Polyester resin. It creates a white paste that is easy to apply and sand, and it’s an inexpensive way of extending resin and when you need to achieve a lightweight result. Q=cell is also ideal for all sorts of surfboards, boat and various fibreglass repairs. 

Sun Cure Surfboard Repair Kit – When you need a speedy fix for small cracks and dings on your board, this is the perfect kit for you. The advanced resin formula plus a few minutes of curing under the sun provide instant repair for surfboards and Polyester fibreglass or compounds. Sun Cure does not require mixing, can be used at various temperatures, and fibre-filled for durability and manageability. 

Ding All has a great selection of surfboard repair kits that every rider should try. Taking a kit or two on a surfing adventure is a mindful gesture each time, because you’ll never know when a scratch, nick or ding will appear on your board! So, get yours here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery.