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One of the well-seasoned brands in skate and street style is Brixton. Hailing from Oceanside California, this brand represents the classic, clean and crisp designs that tick all of the boxes for casual, skate and street style fans. Every Brixton clothing, hats and accessories are made with commitment to both style and quality, ensuring their uniqueness and timeless appeal. With a broad demographic, Brixton is the brand that resonates to young and old, skater and fan. Shop for their latest apparel and accessories here at Yakwax. All with FREE UK delivery.

Brixton Clothing, Hats and Accessories - Online UK Shop

If there's one apparel brand that you need right now, it's time to look into Brixton.

This apparel and accessories brand has been around since 2004, creating clean, quality and timeless pieces for all ages. Founded in Oceanside California by three best mates who worked their day jobs while developing the brand's concept and product ideas.

Among their many achievements, the brand has been awarded "Breakout Brand of the Year" in 2013, at the SIMA Image Awards in California.

A Brand That Started from Nothing

David was only twenty years old when he thought about doing something else instead of laying tiles. He wanted to start his own brand, become an art director to be precise, but ended up as a labourer.

He decided to sign up for Palomar College to study art direction. With the help of a friend, he got an interview with Transworld Magazine and took a job at the company's warehouse. Over the years, he was able to progress in the company- from warehouse worker to staff marketing, sales, and advertising. He was self-taught and has faced numerous challenges in the industry.

Initially, David wanted to make hats that were vintage inspired and thought it would be a cool niche to begin with. But he and his co-founders were set to create a full clothing brand and over the years, they gradually introduced all sorts of apparel pieces from jackets, bottoms, flannels and others.

For over a decade, Brixton is influenced by punk-rock music, the local culture and the classic aesthetics they are inspired with. It's more than just a hat, for instance, but more of a timeless headwear if you decide to shop one from their collection.

Of all the great qualities of a founder, David possesses an altruistic demeanour that is known within his company and among his friends, family and community. He is popular among the locals and have always helped the community by hiring people to work with him in his company. His positive attitude and demeanour have helped him and the brand to become one of the most successful in the industry.

Notable Collaborations

Pharrell Williams - If there's one individual that fits the Brixton mould in terms of classic style, timelessness, and agelessness, it's the artist Pharrell. They came up with awesome hat collections that can definitely amplify most styles. From wide brim to fiddler caps, this collaboration has some of the most stylish headwear in the market.

Coors Banquet - A tradition of one of America's historical breweries, Coors Banquet teamed up with the brand to create the Brixton & Coors Banquet Friendly Union. It is a vintage-inspired collection of clothing, headwear and accessories which include limited edition denim jacket, vest and flannel, and all sorts of t-shirts, fleece, accessories and caps.

A Brand that Always Moves Forward

From the interviews we've read about Brixton and its founder, David has mentioned that they've had their ups and downs in the company throughout its existence. They have lost huge amounts of money in one of their attempts to produce woven apparel, only to ditch the collection at the end due to poor quality.

Despite all the challenges, the company is always moving forward and towards their goal of producing high-quality apparel, headwear and accessories for their target market. If there's one thing to learn from Brixton, it is their perseverance as a company and brand, which is as timeless as the products they produce over the years.

If you love classic apparel and accessories, Brixton is the brand that delivers some of the greatest in the market. Get them here at the Yakwax store together with our superb FREE UK delivery service!