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4 Piece Tail Pads

4 Piece Tail Pads

Although all types of tail pads are designed to provide back foot traction to the surfer, the 4-piece split type traction pad offers more flexibility and natural feel. The cut-out pieces have been observed to adhere closer to the board, which allows the rider to properly position himself and manoeuvre more powerfully. When you want to upgrade your surfing gear, consider a 4-piece tail pad from Channel Islands, Ocean And Earth and other renowned brands in the industry. You can get them here at Yakwax together with our incredible FREE UK delivery!

Four Piece Surfboard Tail Pads

Perhaps one of the most versatile type of surfboard traction pad is the 4-piece tail pad. Its cut-out pieces allow you to install them on either narrow or wider board. You can achieve proper back foot traction by ensuring the ideal placement of the tail pad cut-outs, much like custom-fitting your traction pad according to your shredding style.

Though there are various designs, grooves, bumps and textures on every 4-piece tail pad, selecting among the top brands is essential. Basically, all tail pads provide the proper back foot grip. They are crucial for turning or doing manoeuvres while shredding the waves. Less experienced surfers are advised to install tail pads to help put their back foot at the right place. Proper traction is not only crucial for movement, turns and advanced manoeuvres, but they are also great training tools for less experienced riders.

Whether you are an expert or a beginner surfer, if you choose to install 4-piece tail pad on your board, make sure to select among the top surfboard gear brands in the market includingChannel Islands,Ocean And Earth and many others. You can get them right here at Yakwax - all with our rad FREE UK delivery!