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Knee Pads

Just like your elbows, protecting your knees is a crucial aspect of skateboarding. Riding beyond your speed limit can create a serious impact that may result in injuries if proper protection is not in place. Beginners should highly consider wearing knee pads until they become more familiar and strategically mindful of speed and movements. Stay safe and invest on quality skateboard protective gear from top brands 187 Killer Pads and many others. All with incredible FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!

Skateboard Knee Pads

The thrill and challenge of skateboarding while keeping your balance as you speed down a ramp captures the interest of many youngsters and amateurs. Skateboarding involves extreme movements, ridiculous speeds and the possibilities of injuries to the legs and knees. To reduce or prevent serious impact to the knees in case of accidental falls, wearing knee pads is highly recommended to all skaters.

Benefits of Wearing Knee Pads

  • The primary purpose of skateboard knee pads is to protect the patella and meniscus on your knees while skating.
  • It guards the knees against scrapes which could occur during practice or competition.
  • Skateboarding is quite scary for first timers. But with knee pads, they can shred without worrying about knee damage and learn faster because they feel safer.
  • These pads are designed to provide ample padding system made of soft and durable materials that offer full protection and comfort.
  • Skaters who choose to protect their knees with pads will be able to enjoy their activities to the fullest for many years than those who don't.

Protect your knees and keep it safe with skateboard knee pads. You can get them here at Yakwax from top brands 187 Killer Pads and many others. All with FREE UK delivery!