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Xcel is a globally trusted brand that has been making innovative wetsuits for over two decades. The brand is known for using 'green' technology in developing eco-friendly wetsuits for various types of water sports and for both warm and cold waters. All Xcel wetsuits are durable, with unrivalled stretch, great fit, and have impeccable seam construction; all made possible by using cutting edge technology, environmentally conscious processes and materials. Here at Yakwax, we have a great selection of Xcel wetsuits that will meet your needs no matter how cold the water is. All with FREE UK delivery service!

Xcel Wetsuits, Hoods, Boots, Gloves and Accessories UK Store

Xcel is a highly regarded wetsuit company located in Haleiwa, Hawaii. Known for its innovative and environmental approach to creating high-quality wetsuits, Xcel is also dedicated in research and development in order to produce the finest products that will meet the demands of their core consumers.

The company was founded in 1982 by Ed D'Ascoli while working from his Sunset Beach home. Having instant access to the ocean and its wondrous sceneries of surfers enjoying the waves, he found inspiration and the opportunity to develop and unite high-performance products with water sports athletes. The definitive quality of Xcel from its inception is its keen focus on product research and development.

The brand is a constant nominee of the SIMA's (Surf Industry Manufacturer's Association) "Wetsuit of the Year" with the Drylock wetsuit and boots being their most award-winning products to date.

It's not surprising to find numerous athletes in pro surfing and diving among Xcel's team of ambassadors. The Hawaiian Water Patrol is also part of the brand's notable team.

Surfers include (Southwest team) Kevin Schulz, Matt McCabe, Tony Morelli, Noah Slawson, Steffi Kerson, (Northwest team) Miles Clanton, Jack Conti, Tony Perez, Colin Dwyer, (Northeast team) Mike Gleason, Keith Noonan, Tripp Patterson, Randy Townsend, (Southeast team) Jeremy Johnston, Jensen Callaway, Noah Dovin, Quentin Turko, Evan Barton, (Hawaii) Kain Daly, Kahea Hart, Paige Alms, Dylan and Makana Franzmann, among many others. The Dive team includes Ocean Ramsey, Juan Oliphant, Joe Romeiro, Matt Draper and Grant Begley. Not forgetting surfers like Albee Layer and Noa Deane.

A Founder's Calling?


Mr. D'Ascoli is not new to developing wetsuits. In fact, he used to work with the Japanese in establishing Victory Wetsuits as an international brand. He was able to promptly lay the groundwork of a quintessential wetsuit company that would revolutionise the industry and drive the cutting edge development of wetsuit design and material.

Growth and Expansion in the West Coast

Upon entering the surfing market, the company took advantage of its rapid growth by expanding its product offerings to cater to a wider audience within the water sports category. Currently, Xcel provides wetsuit lines for surfing, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, kite surfing, diving and UV protection. They also offer apparel, caps, and wetsuit accessories such as diving vests, reef and diving boots, gloves, jackets and under shorts.

Xcel is headquartered in Haleiwa, Hawaii since 1990 after moving from Sunset Beach. A warehouse in California was opened soon after in order to provide better service to their retailers in mainland USA. The brand's presence in the West Coast made it possible to enter into the recreational diving market. Armed with winning features and immense product knowledge of their successful military and surfing wetsuits, Xcel rapidly raised the standards for diving wetsuit design.

Green Initiatives

Xcel has always supported environmental initiatives as evident in their use of solar power in the Haleiwa headquarters.

The company developed a neoprene lining derived from a blend of bamboo and charcoal called ThermoCarbon or ThermoBamboo. This product was found in majority of Xcel's surf and dive wetsuits. The lining produced has superb heat retention that helps improve wetsuit warmth.

Xcel's limestone-based neoprene and glue are much better and eco-friendly than oil-based neoprene. The company sources the limestone from a manufacturer that utilises hydropower wherein the waste heat (generated by limestone conversion) is repurposed to power local aqua farming.

Acquisition by Billabong

In 2007, Australian surf brand Billabong acquired Xcel. The two brands share the same vision in providing superior products in the wetsuit industry. Mr. D'Ascoli and his team in the USA remained and are still focused on core products, leveraging Billabong's support in product development and distribution.

Within their product range Xcel cater for all Men, Women and Kids, boys and girls in all their products from summer wetsuits to thick and warm winter wetsuits, boots, gloves, hoods, thermal rashvests and UV protection. They even have a small range of clothing available using some of the phenomenal technology in their wetsuit construction. They make Jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, boardshorts, towels and surf accessories.

Simply put Xcel Wetsuits is Number 1 for surf, dive, wakeboard, paddle, kite surf and protection from the sun.

If you haven't tried any of Xcel's superior line of wetsuits, now's the time to get one based on the water sport of your choice. Here at Yakwax, we have a huge selection of Xcel wetsuits and accessories you can choose from. All comes with our superb FREE UK delivery service.