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Skateboard Protection

Skateboard Protection

Skateboarding is both pleasure and pain. You feel happy when you successfully accomplished difficult tricks and just riding the board itself feels great and relaxing already. But skateboarding can be dangerous too especially when you skate without protective gear. To ensure your safety, you need appropriate skateboard protection like helmets, wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads or complete pad sets. Browse a great range of skateboard protection products from well-trusted brands like 187 Killer Pads, Bullet, Harsh, Industrial and Pro-Tec here at the Yakwax skate shop. All with FREE UK delivery!

Skateboard Protection - UK Store

Skateboarding is a popular extreme sport and outdoor activity that everybody enjoys regardless of age and gender. It helps you stay fit and away from the hustle and buzzle of life, while improving your skills and physique as well. In urban places, skateboarding is considered as a lifestyle, a sub-culture and a form of freedom of expression.

But since skateboarding involves various tricks and movements, one can be prone to injuries and accidents. With this kind of strenuous activity, you have to move quickly and get through the obstacles and hard surfaces.

When riding a skateboard, balance is very important. From simple tricks to advanced exhibitions, you need to have good balance to stay on track. As the level of difficulty increases, so does the possibility of mishaps.

Statistically, thousands of skateboard-related injuries are reported yearly with high occurrences among children and adolescents. Today, more and more teenagers are falling in love with skateboarding, leaving them susceptible to bruises, cuts and injuries. Some of these cases are quite serious like spinal and head injuries which are common among young daredevils and beginners.

To stay safe, stick to the rules and practice skateboarding safely by considering these useful protective gears that mindful skateboarders incorporate on their shopping list:


Avoiding injuries with proper head protection should always be done with caution whenever you skate. Even if you feel you are skillfulenough to do challenging tricks, it's still crucial to wear proper helmetto prevent head injuries due to impacts. Look for hard-shell helmets with soft foam interior padding for ample protection and comfort. Most skaters prefer lighter helmets with the same features, but less weight and more comfort during shredding.

Elbow Pads

Elbows can take quite a beating throughout the skateboarding session. Using elbow pads can protect your elbows against direct bumps, keeping your joints safe from serious injury and soreness. Today's elbow pads feature double stitching for durability and interior foam to keep you comfortable while wearing them.

Knee Pads

Although often overlooked, knee pads are extremely important to keep safe and healthy knees when sliding down a ramp or any hard terrain. Knee pads are designed to protect your kneecaps from the possibilities of getting wounded and scraped. Currently, innovative knee pads feature lock-in core system, durable foam, interlocking straps and caps, light-weight interior lining, comfortable interior finish and three panel construction for complete knee protection.

Pad Sets

Buying pad sets provides overall skateboard protection. This full pad set includes both knee and elbow pads which may feature polycarbonate caps that provide protection from hard impact, high-quality foam padding, fully adjustable straps and stylish construction.

Superior protection from top brands 187 Killer Pads, Bullet, Harsh, Industrial and Pro-Tec are available at Yakwax. They are loaded with superb features that skaters can benefit from while shredding. All with FREE UK delivery!