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Butter Goods

Butter Goods

If you are a huge fan of the "do it yourself" era in skateboard apparel, one of the names that pop up is Australia-based Butter Goods. It is a deeply respected skateboard clothing company that's been providing Perth's skateboarders an array of graphically strong apparel such as caps, hoodies, t-shirts and socks. Their products are currently distributed all over Australia, as well as in stores in Asia, Europe and the US. We're stoked to carry Butter Goods and their awesome range of apparel. Get it here at Yakwax, all with FREE UK Delivery.

Butter Goods Skate Wear Clothing Online at Yakwax UK Store

Butter Goods started out as a fun design activity among two friends who had both worked at a local skateboard shop in Perth, Australia. It was born out of the need for simple authentic apparel that many of the local kids were looking for. The company perfectly embodies the early days of do-it-yourself skate fashion when kids print their own t-shirts and put together a style that's completely their own.

As an independent clothing company in Western Australia, Butter Goods has its roots deeply set in skateboarding and good times. With inspirations drawn from music, magazines, posters, records and cassette tapes, it's no wonder the company is able to create modern classic prints that set their products apart.

Skateboarder Owned and Operated

Garth Mariano and Matthew Evans are high school friends who share the same interest in skateboarding and visual arts. Together they've done little projects in school and filming videos, which eventually led them to using their creativity in making screen print designs for t-shirts.

However, this manual process of putting designs on tees took its toll on the two guys and enthusiasm quickly faded. After several years, they wanted to try it again but with a different approach. Garth and Matthew went to study graphic design, not because they wanted to create a brand, but because they want to incorporate it to an old interest in printing.

Together with their knowledge of getting brands into different local stores, they created Butter Goods in 2008. Not long after, they began distribution throughout Australia and also in different stores across Asia, Europe and the US.

No BullS**t, Just Authentic Skate Wear

Since skateboarding and regular fashion have an awkward relationship, Butter Goods is known for sticking with no-nonsense graphics on their products.

Simplicity is key most of the time, but their particularly strong graphic design skills have helped them earn the reputation as a well-respected company that offers comfortable and superior quality skate wear that remains true to the individuals style.

You will immediately notice their use of single colours for apparel and headwear, but with logos and prints of contrasting colours. Their no nonsense approach to designing skate wear allows them to create simple yet stylish products that their avid customers and fans love.

Butter Goods Lookbooks

The company is consistent when it comes to producing cool new products every year without any regard for trends. Quite understandably, this is what makes Butter Goods a completely unique and appealing brand not only in the skateboard industry but beyond as well.

Their seasonal lookbooks are published on their website and on many skateboard-related blogs. You can be sure to find the new lineup of goods every time they drop at Yakwax as we're huge fans of this awesome brand, this means we can offer you a great selection of products to add in to your wardrobe on a particular season.

To the founders of Butter Goods, brand is just secondary. It is all about providing good quality skate wear with appealing and unique graphics. Their creativity and marketing skills are without a doubt part of the success of their company from inception to this day.

For those who love simple but rad designs on caps, tees and hoodies, Butter Goods is a great addition to your collection of skateboard & street wear clothing.

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