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Futures fins have been making waves and are aptly considered as the strongest and lightest fins system on the market. The company is mainly focused on improving their fins whilst continually creating and testing designs in their Huntington Beach manufacturing facility. Many surfers and surfing enthusiasts believe in Futures fins as the utmost alternative when it comes to fin concept, since the brand has proven stronger fins that don't break easily. If you're after the feel of glass-on fins, Futures is the perfect option. Shop for Futures here at Yakwax, All with FREE UK delivery.

Futures Surfboard Fins - UK Online Store

Among today's top companies that design and create surfboard and SUP fins is Futures. Their fins are considered the lightest, strongest and fastest available on the market as they are optimised for speed and control to transform the way you surf.

Futures have been fulfilling the growing demand for sturdy, effortless installation of removable fin system. They have an efficient production process which involves a system based on straightforward pre-glass installation.

Futures fins are designed to work only with compatible boxes. These are elongated fin boxes which are glassed at the bottom of surfboards. However, they also make replacement fins which are compatible with fin systems from other brands and they are often marked as such. Using a fin key, the fins are secured entirely at the base with a single angled screw to ensure a sturdy hold on both ends.

The Futures Surf Team is a roster of professionals with the likes of John Florence, Jordy Smith, Michel Bourez, Craig Anderson, Miguel Pupo, Brett Simpson, Parker Coffin, Rob Machado, Greg Long, Shane Dorian, Marky Healey, Adam Melling, Alana Blanchard, Cam Richards, Masatoshi Ohno, Pancho Sullivan, Mikala Jones and Ramon Navarro, to name a few.

Proudly American

It all began in 1996 in a garage in California. The Longo brothers love surfing and they have 50 years of surfboard-building knowledge and engineering background that allowed them to create products for something they are passionate about. Today, Futures is still a family owned business that design and create products based on their commitment to clients and their passion for the sport.

It is not surprising to see the growing fan base of Futures since the company is focused on continuous improvement through scientific approach and mastery of their products. With a California-based facility, it is also a company that's proud to design and produce American-made fins.

Designed by Surfers for Surfers

Futures' employees are mostly surfers - from designers to engineers, to the marketing team and shipping crew. Majority of their staff, if not all, know how to surf and they are always stoked to receive feedback from fellow surfers about their products and how they have improved their performance when using them.

The design and engineering teams are out-of-the-box thinkers with the capacity to design and build a prototype within hours upon creation of ideas. They are also able to freely design and test both the good and bad fins in order for the company to continually evolve. These are just some of the benefits of having their own manufacturing facility at Huntington Beach and with the ocean just within reach - whether for 'research and development', lunch break on the sand or both.

Futures Fin School

One of the brand's notable features is their online fin school. This is a great place to learn more about Futures fin systems, templates and fin shapes, foils, and material breakdowns. If this is your first time to use a Futures fin and you're undecided, it's a great way to learn about their products before finally purchasing them.

When you're looking for high-quality fin systems, Futures fins is one of our top offerings here at Yakwax. Whether you need thrusters, quads, five-fin or SUP fins, you can get them all here and enjoy our epic FREE UK delivery service.

If you need any further information on Futures fins or if you're not sure which set will be right for you, please check out our surfboard fins guide where we go deep and explain everything you need to know, or if you prefer, please get in contact as the Yakwax team as extensively tested almost every fin they have released.