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TLS Tools

TLS Tools

As a leading surf brand in Japan in the late 1990's, TLS Tools grew to become the country's most innovative and diverse in the surfing industry. Founded and owned by the owner of Sekino Racing Sports, TLS Tools represent Japanese ingenuity, excellent quality and innovation. The brand has since entered the Land Down Under in 2010, bringing in their premium surfboard traction pads, leashes, accessories, ponchos and many others. If you need the latest in cutting-edge surf products, TLS Tools is one of our most recommended brands. Get them here at Yakwax and enjoy our superb FREE UK delivery!

TLS Tools Surf Products UK Store

Surfing requires skill and years of experience in order to conquer the challenging waves. Much of today's surfers, both young and old, are technically prepared whether by skill or by gear. Many of them look for the very best of surf products to help maintain their gear in tiptop shape, so as to aid in every challenging feat they face in the open seas.

Among today's top-notch surf brands is TLS Tools. Originally a Japan-based and founded company, TLS Tools surf products are 'designed by surfer for surfers'. Their range of products are made using distinctive Japanese approach with attention to detail to meet their strict quality standards and design. You can expect only excellent surf products that are innovative and technically appropriate for the evolving needs of today's surfers.

History of TLS Tools

Founded by Satoshi Sekino in 1998, the brand evolved into a core surf brand that provides diverse cutting-edge products to surfers. Satoshi is the founder of Sekino Racing Sports and he was a former professional surfer before delving into the surfing business. Satoshi is also a well-respected businessman and he is renowned in Japan for creating a crazy wave pool.

Satoshi's main role in the company is to oversee all of the product development for TLS Tools. Together with his team, he is hands-on with the development and design of their premium surf products ranging from traction pads, ponchos, leashes and accessories, to name a few.

In Christmas of 2008, TLS Tools was launched in Australia with a limited range of exclusive surf hardware, with the aim of getting feedback from the surfing community and local retailers. The outcome was hugely positive, prompting the company to launch their full range of surf products in the Land Down Under in 2010.

What TLS Tools Team Riders Say About the Products

There's no other way to confirm the quality and ingenuity of TLS Tools surf products than to read the team riders' feedback on their favourite items. You can check each quoted feedback from every rider on the brand's website.

But to sum it all up, both young and mature riders only have praises and positive remarks about the TLS Tools gear and accessories. They are not just there for sponsorship, but to test and verify the technical accuracy and benefits of the brand's surf products. From their grippy traction pads to their comfy ponchos, you can rest assure that each product you'll purchase will last and would benefit you in many ways.

TLS Tools team riders include Adam Melling, Chelsea Hedges, Jamie O'Brien, Morgan Cibilic, Shane Campbell, Kalani Chapman, Hinata Aizawa, Jett Dickinson, Ryan Slaterry, Janden Smales, Lilliana Bowrey, Yommy Golsby-Smith, Dave Frim, Josh Sleep and Luke Stickey.

Overview of the TLS Tools Surf Product Categories

There are so many surf products out there, just like what TLS Tools offer. But in terms of Japanese quality and cutting-edge designs, the latter brings in more to the table to the delight of both amateur and pro surfers all over the globe.

Below are overviews of TLS Tools' product categories if you are new to the brand's offerings:

  • Tail and Traction Pad - Known as the best, long-lasting and grippiest tail and deck pad in the industry. Also known as the traction pad ridden and used by pro surfer WCT Adam Melling.
  • Leashes - These are among the lightest and most comfortable in the industry.
  • Accessories - All of TLS Tools surf accessories are innovative and practical for regular use.
  • Kidney Belt - Best for cold waters and for added warmth while wearing your cold-weather wetsuit. You can surf longer even in the coldest waters with the TLS Tools kidney belt with magic heater.
  • Board Wrap - Easy to use, lightweight and perfect as inner cover for your hard surfboard case. Made with heat reflective material that prevents wax from sticking.
  • Poncho - Definitely a must-have is the TLS Tools all-in-one poncho that lets you change clothing at the beach and keeps you warm after dipping in the water. Pro surfers love this product.
  • Power Scraper - Durable and easy to use. This scraper has a padded ergonomic handle and three-dimensional blade edges for fast and smooth wax removal.

TLS Tools surf products are all you need if you want only one brand of surf items in your possession. You can be sure you will be getting excellent products made with Japanese cutting-edge innovation and quality.

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