Wrist Guards

Wrist guards are protective devices used to prevent wrist injuries. Many skateboarders invest on quality wrist guards and pads that provide good palm support and protection without compromising their movements and flexibility. We often see wrist guards worn by youngsters, newbies and serious skaters shredding bowls and doing insane tricks. Choosing wrist guards is as crucial as choosing skateboards, so better have them on-hand before heading out to skate. Get yours here at Yakwax with our FREE UK delivery!

Skateboard Wrist Guards & Pads

Because of the possible dangers involved in skateboarding, wrist guards and other protective gear are necessary among beginners, young shredders and extreme skaters. Since the wrist is susceptible to impacts such as Scaphoid fracture, skateboard wrist support is a must.

It is a standard for every skater to use their hands when doing technical movements, so considering wearing a pair of wrist guards and pads would help avoid injuries from possible bumps and fall. It is also a good precautionary measure since no one knows when accidental falls and impacts will occur, so it is better to keep your wrists and limbs protected.

To determine the size of skateboard wrist guards that’s right for you, you must first measure your hands and knuckles. Don’t settle for a loosely fitting pair because it might fall off easily or won’t fit tightly in your hand. Measure your hand and knuckles (not including your thumb) using a soft tape measure for a solid fit.

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