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Firewire provides superb shortboards and longboards with innovative design and can last years of hard surfing. The company's state-of-the-art designs, processes and materials are key to creating high-performance boards. The company takes environmental and social responsibilities seriously, and they also give back to the global surf community by supporting relevant causes and organisations. If you need a new surfboard that's out of the ordinary, Firewire has a great selection to choose from. Order yours here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!

Firewire Surfboards and Accessories

Firewire is a global surfboards and accessories brand founded in Australia in 1981, currently headquartered in California (USA) and manufactures most of their products in Thailand. The company is known for using innovative methods and materials to produce premium boards that are also environment-friendly. Professional surfboarder Kelly Slater owns majority of the company as of 2015.

It All Started with a Forward-Thinking Shaper

Renowned Australian shaper Nev Hyman founded Odyssey Surfboards in 1975 in Perth, Australia. In 1981, after travelling, he changed his company's name to Nev Surfboards. He also started designing blanks for some of the world's most popular surfers. With years of experience, Nev started to hone his expertise and feel for the perfect board.

The beginning of 1989 marked Nev's involvement in computer-aided surfboard shaping and it fuelled his interest in seeking the 'Holy Grail' of machine-shaped boards. In 2004, Nev met fellow Australian shaper Bert Berger who introduced him to innovative, handmade board that has balsa rails and high-density (top and bottom) composite.

At the beginning of 2006, Firewire surfboards started appearing in the line-up. They were created using a CAD/CAM software which enabled the shapers to produce a perfect board that can be consistently made without discrepancies in shape.

Dan Mann handles the design and Nev tackles the AKU Shaper (2D program); then a master is cut out using an AKU CNC shaping machine. Nev examined and tweaked the master according to his standards before transforming the blank into a 3D drawing on CAD modelling software. The rails and stringerswere also included in creating the 3D model, which is then sent to the Firewire manufacturing plant in Thailand. The final board was shaped under strict guidelines.

Firewire's Surfboard Technology

Firewire's highly advanced processes and materials are widely used among their surfboards to ensure durability, flexibility and performance. What's really great about these boards is they are ideal for beginner to expert riders.

Helium - The Helium Tech surfboards are shaped from the lightest foam blank (0.8 pounds) and combined with rail made of Paulownia and balsa wood. The board is wrapped with high-density aerospace composite deck skin. Helium boards were released in 2017 and they are currently available in various models such as the Seaside, Chumlee, Spitfire, Dominator and Baked Potato.

Linear Flex - Linear Flex Tech or LFT integrates the Firewire SPRINGER HD which is a 18mm-wide aerospace composite that runs down the centreline of the surfboard. This is basically the next generation of SPRINGER technology which plays a crucial role in enhancing flex from nose to tail. LFT board models include Go Fish, Midas, Moonbeam and ADDvance (combination of LFT and Timbertek).

Timbertek - The brand's "High Performance Art" boards are excellent examples of innovation meets sustainability using raw material to reduce exterior lamination on surfboards, while also reducing carbon footprint. Timbertek uses Paulownia wood deck skin and this species of trees are fast-growing and can regenerate new trees from existing root systems. Timbertek surfboard models include Greedy Beaver, Vacay, TJ Pro, The Gem, Special T, TJ Everyday, The Viking, SeAxe and Flexflight.

Rob Machado Traction Pads

The Rob Machado series of surfboard traction pads that use BLOOM technology - a high-performance flexible foam derived from algae biomass sourced from freshwaters around the world. These boards address the need for lighter and more durable traction pads with enhanced shock absorption. They also use eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging and inks. Choose from the GO PAD, 2 + 1 and 3 Piece traction pads to suit your surfing needs.

Firewire surfboards and traction pads are truly unique in many ways that they tackle the needs of surfers to perform well, while also providing innovative products and being proactive in environmental causes. If you're a surfer who appreciates these, it's worth to try some of Firewire's products for your next surfing adventure; just browse our latest drop below. All with FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!