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Snowboard Essentials

Ready for your next snowboard challenge? Just make sure your bags are packed with complete snowboard essentials - guaranteed to keep you comfortable and fashionable. Snowboard essentials help prepare you for a smooth and enjoyable winter trip or snow sport. Basically, your travel bags must include snowboard goggles, gloves, balaclavas & face-masks, beanies, snowboard socks and thermals in order to prepare you for an ultimate ski/snowboard vacation. Get ready as Yakwax brings you everything you need for your next snow adventure. Shop online for branded ski and snowboard essentials from top brands DC, Electric, Globe and Volcom - all with FREE UK delivery!

Snowboarding Essentials - Online UK Store

Are you ready for that long-awaited snowboard or ski holiday? We're sure by now you've sorted out all the things you'll need to bring to ensure everything is packed carefully and be transported smoothly.

Packing for a snowboard adventure can be fun and exciting. Aside from your gear, you need snowboard essentials to keep you comfortable and protected at all times. Adding these items in your travel bag sets you up for success and work the way you want them to be.

To simplify your packing, we will help you remember all the ski and snowboard essentials that you need to pack to make sure you're ready to face the slopes and the extreme weather condition that comes your way. Let's go!

Snowboard Goggles

Snowboard goggles are important to protect your eyes from sun rays, wind and debris that could block your view. For lens shape, you can choose between cylindrical and spherical. Cylindrical goggles are more affordable and have flat lens surface designed to minimize peripheral vision. While the spherical goggles have curved surface designed to maximise peripheral vision and they are generally a bit pricier.

Snowboard Gloves

Gloves are ideal for many uses like handling gear, adjusting buckles and zipping zippers. They are also intended to protect your hands from frostbite and they keep you warm and dry for a day in the mountains. Snowboard gloves vary from person to person. If you're in a warmer condition, get a pair of gloves that are not too thick and provide good waterproofing. For colder condition, thicker gloves are needed when you ride.

Balaclavas & Face-masks

Balaclavas or face-masks are wool or cotton type of headgear that protect the head and most part of your face. It keeps you warm, improves your sight and can be used as a cap in wintry conditions or any circumstances that require protection for your face or head.


Beanies are definitely not something to forget when you ski or snowboard. Did you know that the huge amount of heat your body releases is coming from your head? That's why beanies are so important to keep your head warm all the time. Whether you choose flaps, cuffed, non-cuffed or pom poms, beanies are going to protect you from chilly winds up to the freezing cold blasts.

Snowboard Socks

Being comfortable while snowboarding is important so you can fully enjoy shredding the snowy slopes. Part of that is having a good pair of thick socks to keep your feet warm and ultimately increase your level of comfort. These socks are built with superb lightweight materials, quality padding and anti-microbial features that are ideal for sporty and strenuous activities. Available styles for men, women and kids, so the entire family can enjoy snowboarding with feet protected and comfy.

Thermals and Base Layers

Thermals are great base layers to help regulate the temperature of your body, so you're always stay dry, warm and comfortable. You can buy them according to weight, thickness and patterns.

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