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Skateboard Wax

Skate Wax

Skateboarding calls for grinding some rails and edges from time to time. Many experienced skaters enjoy these because they are challenging, but fun at the same time. But these moves also require proper gliding to ensure smooth grinding. Using skate wax is the way to do it, so having one in your pocket will always be handy. If you love to grind and glide, make sure to stock up on skateboard wax and accessories from top brands Alien Workshop, SML Wheels, Spitfire and Thunder. All with incredible FREE UK delivery!

Skateboard Wax - UK Store

You've seen icons like Paul Rodriguez grind railing and edges not just during street skating, but at competitions as well. Grinds and slides are cool skateboard tricks, but they should be executed well to cover the entire length of the railing, edge or curb. To handle the friction, waxing your board and the railing, edge or curb is a must.

Skate wax is formulated to coat the underside of a skate deck and the surface areas where skaters want to grind and glide. It works like lubricant to ensure a smooth and lengthy glide along rails and edges.

A Few Helpful Tips to Using Skate Wax

  • Prepare the skate wax bar and locate which spot on your skateboard or rail needs waxing.
  • Rub the wax over the surface. Repeat if needed.
  • Waxing is also useful to prevent your board from damages such as chipping. Just rub a bit of wax around your skateboard tail or nose.

Grinding in itself is a skateboarding trick that poses challenges, thrill and satisfaction when done correctly. Using skate wax is just one aspect to ensure it is easier and smoother to grind and glide. The rest is up to you, the skater, to prep and grind to the highest level.

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