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Snowboard Goggles

Snowboard Goggles

Skiing and snowboarding require ample protection for all exposed parts of the body. It isn't enough to just cover yourself from head to toe with clothing, footwear and accessories to keep you warm and safe. Eyewear is a primary snowboard/ski essential and definitely not just an option because you need to see everything in your path, while protecting your eyes from powerful sun rays, snow and other risk factors. Get high-quality ski and snowboard goggles from top brands like Electric and others. Available here at Yakwax with our killer FREE UK delivery!

Ski & Snowboard Goggles

Skiing and snowboarding requires speed and constant motion in order to successfully go up and down slopes. It takes time to hone skill and technique to properly tread the snowy mountains, but it also requires proper gear and protection in order to so.

Goggles worn by skiers and snowboarders are more than just style enhancers. They are prerequisite eyewear to prevent wind, snow and dirt from obstructing the wearer's eyesight while in motion. The cold environment, powdery snow, debris, insects flying along your path and other natural elements are all potential hazards that can obstruct and hurt your eyes and face. This is why ski and snowboard goggles are designed to fully cover the eye area and almost half of the top half of the face.

When choosing ski/snowboard goggles take note of the following factors: lens curve; ventilation (for fog control), lens colour (recommended colours are yellow, gold, green, amber and rose with lower VLT to reduce eye stress during daytime); UV protection; digital display; and other lens features focused on better vision and comfort.

Properly geared and protected skiers and snowboarders enjoy the rough and cold mountains for longer. If there is ample protection for the eyes that also offer better vision despite the hostile location, you will have a better chance at shredding the snowy slopes with ease from start to finish.

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