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One of the essential components of your surfboard is the board leash. Though it is not entirely part of the board, a leash needs to be attached onto your ankle and board since this enables you to easily reach and retrieve it in the event you fall off after a big wave. Shop forquality surfboardgear from renowned brands Channel Islands,FCS, Hydro and Ocean And Earth. Available at Yakwax with our incredible FREE UK delivery!

Surf Leashes

Prior to the 70's, board leashes were none existent. The heavier and longer surfboards were the norm during that era and they often end up stuck in beach sand or rocky crevices along the shore. In some days, surfers would need to swim farther in order to collect their boards after each wave. This was quite risky, time consuming and tiresome for pros and surfing enthusiasts of the time.

The invention of surfboard leash in the 1970's created a buzz and varying opinions among pro and amateur surfers. Some liked the new invention which was initially made with a simple cord or rope; while others saw it as an item used by incompetent surfers. Once the surfing community saw the benefits and advantages of wearing one, opinions changed swiftly.

Today's board leash is made with lightweight polyurethane and has a rotating swivel, neoprene ankle strap with Velcro, and a button to easily detach the cord from the strap. The basic method of determining its length is that it should be the same as the length of the surfboard. So, if you have a 7-foot board, your leash should be 7 feet as well.

It is easier to find the ideal leash length for your board, thanks to brands specialising in leashes andleash accessoriesfor surfboard, bodyboard and SUP. There are six types of leashes based on their lengths and type of board they are used for, namely 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 9ft and big wave.

If you need new surfboard leash, make sure to get one right here at Yakwax! We carry plenty of surf accessories from today's leading brandsincluding Dakine, Gorilla Surf and Modom. All with FREE UK delivery.