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Like many skate companies, Globe is a deeply rooted brand that started out with the need for proper skate shoes and apparel during the early years of skateboarding in Australia. It's been two decades since the founding of Globe, and to this day it's still one of the world's top brands that cater to boardsports professionals and fanatics in particular surfers and skaters. Part of their success is their ability to adapt to the ever-evolving needs of skaters and the global economy. Want to have your own Globe skate shoes, apparel and accessories? Shop here at Yakwax and take advantage of our FREE UK delivery service.

Globe Skate Shoes, Surf Wear & Apparel - Online UK Store

The Globe brand is a design and production company that specialises in lifestyle footwear and apparel for boardsports lovers. It is founded by former pro skateboarders and brothers Matt, Stephen and Peter Hill in their home country of Australia in 1994.

Like many long-time skate brands, Globe was born out of the sheer need for quality skate products in the Land Down Under. The Hill brothers had enough of the low quality skate footwear and other products during the early days of skateboarding in their country.

Fast forward to the 21st century, Globe is among the top brands in the world that produces quality footwear as well as surf, skate & streetwear apparel. With over a hundred countries they cater to, it's not surprising to hear amateur and pro skaters talk about Globe shoes, clothing, accessories, cruiseboards and other skate products in such a positive light.

Specifically in Europe, Globe trainers, softgoods, accessories and apparel are the stand-outs in the market. Based on the Globe International Investor Presentation, the brand has shown significant growth over the past few years.

Globe's elite roster of pro skaters and surfers include (skate) Chris Haslam, Mark Appleyard, David Gonzalez, Ryan Decenzo, Rodney Mullen, Louie Barletta, Paul Hart, (surf) CJ Hobgood, Damien Hobgood, Dion Agius, Taj Burrow, Mark Occhlupo, Yadin Nicol, Nate Tyler, Noa Deane, Creed McTaggart and Brendon Gibbens.

Globe International - the Mother Company

The Hill brothers didn't start the Globe brand right away. They first established Globe International in the early 1980s with the founding of Hardcore Enterprises which specialised in skateboard and streetwear products. Hardcore became one of the world's largest distribution companies and it enabled the brothers to acquire other companies and expand operations from Australia to North and South America and Europe; with offices, distribution and manufacturing facilities in Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, L.A., Hossegor, Lyon, London and Shenzhen.

Proprietary apparel and footwear brands are trademarked and owned by Globe International Limited and these are marketed and sold directly and through third party distributors. These brands include Globe, FXD work wear, and those under Dwindle Distribution such as Enjoi, Almost, Cliché, Blind and Dusters.

Third party brands are licensed and distributed for Australia and New Zealand markets via Hardcore Distribution and 4Front. In Australasia, Hardcore is the largest skateboard distributor of numerous leading brands such as Lakai, Chocolate, Girl, Flip, Thrasher and Skate Mental. On the other hand, apparel brands such as Obey and Stüssy are licensed and distributed by 4Front.

Stylishly Innovative Footwear

Globe is particularly known for their innovative and skater-friendly designs that protect and provide skaters with shock-proof footwear that are suitable for hard landings and falls. Other notable features that are focused on protecting the skater include tongue and collar padding, reinforced midsoles, grippy soles, and advanced traction solutions all of these features still include ground breaking innovation that every skater needs and wants in their shoes.

Of course, all pairs of Globe footwear are exceptionally stylish and of high quality. These characteristics enable skaters to go from sporty to casual without the need of changing in to a different pair.

Globe's Skate and Surf Films

The company produced numerous skate and surf documentary films which showcased not only some of their elite team members, but also various destinations across the globe. Between 2007 and 2010, the company released United By Fate which is a series of six short films directed by Joe Guglielmino (a.k.a. Joe G) and starring all of the skate team during those years.

Globe and Joe G released in 2013 an award-winning surf film entitled Strange Rumblings in Shangri La. The film won the 2014 Surfer Poll Movie of the Year in December. It featured pro surf team riders Dion Agius, Taj Burrow, Nate Tyler, CJ and Damien Hobgood, Brendon Gibbons, Noa Deane and Yadin Nicol in various locations such as Brazil, Indonesia, France, Iceland and Mozambique.

Right now, there's no stopping for Globe (the brand) and its mother company from innovating boardsports products and pushing them forward into the future. It is a classic example of a successful brand that have overcome the hurdles of breaking new grounds built from the base up and staying strong for the core market.

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