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Snowboard/Ski Accessories

Pretty sure by now you've chosen the snowboard gear, clothing and other essentials that you'll need for your next adventure. But don't stop there! Have you checked other important accessories like snowboard/ski wax, tools, stomp pads and tuning kits? You need to pick and stock these items up while planning for your next snowboarding adventure to make your sessions much more enjoyable. Check our selection of skateboard/ski accessories from leading brands like Zardoz and many others. All with FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!

Snowboard & Ski Accessories - UK Shop

Knowing which snowboard accessories are right for you can be challenging especially if you are not sure what to look for. Furthermore, mountain holidays can be very expensive plus the harsh weather waiting ahead on the mountain can be daunting particularly for beginners.

You may have the right gear and apparel sorted out, but if you’re lacking the proper accessories ideal for your skiing/snowboarding sessions, you’re going to have a difficult time. Of course, we all want to have a great time on the slopes, so planning ahead and stocking up on essential stuff will surely have an impact on your safety, convenience and comfort.

Below are some of the recommended ski/snowboard accessories to look for:

Snowboard & Ski Wax

Waxing your snowboard can make you go faster and it also protects the board’s base from scraping. No matter how skillful you are in skiing or snowboarding, you need wax to keep your gear moving, minimises friction, accelerates your speed and keeps your gear in good shape.

Snowboard Tools

You never know when binding repair may occur, so having snowboard tools are definitely helpful and must be included in your pocket or backpack. Bindings can become loose anytime, if you don’t want this occurrence to ruin your pow day, then bringing one of these tools can solve the problem.

Stomp Pads

Stomp pads help your back foot to rest on your snowboard when your front foot is in your bindings. These pads improve traction and provides steering control when riding your board on flat or lift surfaces. You can customise your snowboard with stomp pads for protection and better traction without affecting your performance.

Tuning Kits

Tuning kits are used to properly wax and maintain your snowboard equipment. Keeping your board tuned enables you to glide over slopes quickly and smoothly. While shredding the slopes, you might hit over rocks, obstacles or rough surfaces that can leave scratches at the bottom of your snowboard and affect its performance. If you feel like you’re getting slower, then repair like tuning is needed.

Keep your ski or snowboard at its best condition with a wide variety of accessories from Zardoz and other top brands - all with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax.