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Wetsuit Boots

Wetsuit Boots

Surfing boots are often used for protection and warmth. They are often made with neoprene and a flexible, grippy rubber for the outsoles. Surfing shoes are often worn in the colder months when ocean waters are freezing cold. Even non-surfers wear neoprene boots to protect their feet from the rocky and coral-rich sea beds. Surfer or not, wetsuit boots will always come in handy especially if you love the ocean waters. Get them here at Yakwax! We carry many of today's top brands such as Alder, FCS, Vissla and Xcel. All with FREE UK delivery.

Wetsuit Boots - Online UK Shop

Wetsuit boots became available many years ago and they were initially introduced as wetsuit socks. They provide warmth to surfers and avid ocean swimmers who brave the freezing cold waters for the love of sports.

Also called aqua booties or wetsuit boots, these shoes are typically made of neoprene with rubber outsole that lets the wearer ride the board without slipping. The grippy and flexible characteristics of these shoes also make them the ideal footwear for reef swimming and walking on rocky waters.

The two common designs you will find are the round toeand split toe variants. Both designs are excellent for any type of water sports and recreational swimming. The only differences you need to consider are the thickness variations since they are often used for both summer and winter seasons. Choose 2/3mm for warmer months and 5mm or thicker neoprene for the winter months.

When you need neoprene shoes and wetsuit boots for warmth, comfort and grip while in or on the water, we've got you covered! Here at Yakwax we carry many of today's top brands in surfaccessories such as Alder,FCS,VisslaandXcel. All with FREE UK delivery.