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Full Traction + Front Foot Surfboard Grips

Full Traction & Front Foot Surfboard Grips

Surfboard traction full deck grips are designed to solve multiple situations. Firstly, if you're tired of waxing and scraping off wax on your board, full deck traction will eliminate thes e hassles. Secondly, as a result of not waxing, you'll be in the water in no time. Installing the grip can be done at home and giving it at least several hours to adhere fully on your surfboard. Get your surfboard traction full deck grips and other surfboard gear from top brands we carry here at YakwaxincludingChannel Islands and Ocean And Earth. All with FREE UK delivery.

Surfboard Traction Full Deck Grips

Surfboard traction full deck grips are not products of the 21st Century. They were introduced in the 1980's with surfers such as Christian Fletcher who popularized them by doing aerial manoeuvres similar to those done while riding a skateboard. Full traction and front foot grips were just novelty back then, but they have returned and many riders have experienced first-hand the many benefits of sticking them onto their boards.

Surfers back then were not able to do aerials because of the lack of traction on their front feet. They may have used tail pads, but with just wax on the rest of their boards, it's more difficult to do other stuff while shredding the waves. Surfboard traction full deck grips offer much more than just great grip coverage. They help the environment by reducing the use of surf wax. And if the pros use them, why can't any other surfer?

It is a matter of preference really. But if you like to do aerial tricks on the water, help eliminate surf wax waste and reduce usage, as well as enjoy your time on your board and reduce slippage, then full deck grips are for you. You can get them here at Yakwax from various top brands we carry like Channel IslandsandOcean And Earth, among many others. All with FREE UK delivery!