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Lakai is a California-based company that produces footwear specifically for skateboarders. With the use of modern technology, Lakai is able to create skate shoes that have appropriate features to withstand skateboarders' hard moves and day-to-day lives. The company also offers cool skate apparel and accessories that both skaters and non-skaters would love to have in their wardrobes. Founded by pro skaters, the company aims to motivate and inspire the skateboarding community by producing superb footwear and apparel to suit their active lifestyles. Shop for Lakai shoes and apparel here at Yakwax and get stoked with our FREE UK delivery service!

Lakai Skate Shoes & Clothing Online UK Store

Lakai is one of the leading footwear brands that were born out of passion for skateboarding. Since 2013, it has become one of the skate brands under Crailtap Distribution which also houses Chocolate, Girl, Royal Skateboard Trucks and Fourstar Clothing.

Much like every other skate brands we've encountered and have had a glimpse of their back stories, Lakai is a product that has become a legacy of its founders. The brand is co-founded by pro skateboarders Mike Carroll and Rick Howard in 1999, and it is currently based in Torrance, California.

Lakai footwear has an amazing roster of pros and amateurs that endorse their latest shoe models, the team riders include (pro) Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Daniel Espinoza, Vincent Alvarez, Raven Tershy, Stevie Perez, Riley Hawk, Danny Brady, Jesus Fernandez, Sebo Walker, (amateurs) Jon Sciano and Ronnie Sandoval.

Worth the Risk

However, a few years prior to the foundation of the Lakai footwear brand, the co-founders have always thought of creating a skate company that would create products that the community will be proud of. They also wanted to create a motivating and inspiring atmosphere for other skateboarders to benefit from and enjoy over the years.

It was a risky business to get into especially for the young co-founders back then. But with dedication and pride, they have created a brand and maintained an exceptional level of veracity and reverence within the skateboarding community since its foundation.

Benefiting Its Members and the Skate Community

"The Shoes We Skate" is Lakai's brand slogan and it is true in all aspects.

One of the most notable stories that exemplifies Lakai's slogan is how Scott Johntson, one of its pro riders, transitioned gracefully from skateboarder to designer. Also, this is where inspiration and motivation play a great role in his transition.

Scott became Lakai's shoe designer in 2007. His attachment to his model shoes allowed him to observe and experience the process of designing skate footwear. With the help of Lakai's (then) design director, Aaron Hoover, Scott learned the ropes within six months. When Hoover left, he applied for the position and got hired as director of the design team until 2015.

Although Scott is no longer with Lakai, the impact of the brand and his passion for skateboarding paved the way for his new role as a shoe designer, to which he was able to take with him on his career move.

XLK Technology

XLK is Lakai's prime cup sole technology. All XLK shoe styles come with these main features: XLK sole construction; high-density foam; sculpted sidewalls and reduced rubber (in areas where it's not needed) for less weight and improved structural integrity; shock absorbing moulded EVA sock liner; herringbone tread pattern with vertical flex zones; and unique rubber compound for durability and optimum board feel.

Even for non-skaters, Lakai is a well-known brand with remarkable quality, durability and style. Whether you love plain and single coloured skate shoes or those vibrant colourways, you will find a pair of Lakai shoes that will match your personal style.

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