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Men's Wetsuits

Men's Wetsuits

The best type of apparel for guys who love surfing and other water sports is the wetsuit. It is often made of neoprene that enables the wearer to withstand long hours of surfing or wakeboarding. You will find a variety of options when it comes to men's wetsuits to complete your surfing attire. Choose from full suits, men's shorty or spring suits, wetsuit tops or jackets, rash vests, wetsuit shorts, boots, gloves, hoods and caps from top brands Alder, Hurley, Vissla, Volcom and Xcel. Available at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!

Wetsuits For Men

Wetsuits for men have been in existence since the early 1950's. The first ones were made of neoprene rubber and designed in the form of vests. Through the passion and skills of a certified surfer guy named Jack O'Neill, men's wetsuit design evolved into different variations with stitches ranging from seam taping to gluing, to blind stitch sewing in order to boost its functionality.

Benefits of Men's Wetsuits

Pro surfers require engineered wetsuits that provide enough coverage to protect them from extreme cold temperatures while in the water. These are made of lightweight neoprene with insulation and enough flexibility to allow them to move effortlessly.

Regular swimwear is only good for summer and spring, or when the water is warmer. Even non-professional water sports practitioners are advised to wear proper swimwear and wetsuits since they have protective features that regular shorts and tank tops do not have.

If you're thinking of getting men's wetsuits for your surfing sessions, here are a few benefits to consider:

  • The main reason why men need wetsuits is because they contribute to safety. This is necessary if you wish to swim and surf safely and comfortably especially in cold waters.
  • Wetsuits are flexible swimming and surfing attire that can be worn in the water during a colder or warmer climate. There are men's wetsuits specifically designed for warm and cold waters. Thinner neoprene wetsuit is ideal for warm weather surfing, while thicker neoprene wetsuit is perfect for freezing temps.
  • Men's wetsuits are lightweight and buoyant, enabling surfers and wakeboarders to float on water; thus, aiding in maximising their performance potential especially during a competition.
  • Incorporating a variety of wetsuits in your surfing gear enables you to enjoy more time shredding the waves at any season or destination. Whether you're an amateur or pro, you will need proper wetsuits for all seasons if you are serious about surfing and other water sports.

Complete Your Gear with Wetsuit Accessories for Men

Complementary wetsuit accessories are designed to provide extra protection especially when shredding in extreme weather/water conditions. Ensure that you have full suits, wetsuit boots, gloves and hoods or caps if you love surfing in various locations. For lighter shredding and short distance sessions, it's ideal to have on-hand some shorty or spring suits, wetsuit top and jacket, rash vest and shorts.

You can get them all at Yakwax from some of today's top brands including Alder, Hurley, Vissla, Volcom and Xcel. All with FREE UK delivery!