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Phix Doctor

Phix Doctor

When you want a fast-acting surfboard repair kit, the Phix Doctor is your definite solution so you can get back into the water in no time! They offer patented fibreglass repair kit, UV light flashlight for curing indoors, and the only 50% biological-based epoxy resin and bamboo fibreglass. So whether you need to repair dings on your board under the sun or indoors without natural lighting, there's an ideal Phix Doctor repair kit just for you. Look no further! We have them all here at the Yakwax store together with our rad FREE UK delivery service.

Phix Doctor Surfboard Ding Repair UK Shop

It is true that a tiny ding can hamper the fun of surfing especially when it's that time of year when you have the opportunity to fully enjoy the warm summer weather. Shredding the waves is fun especially when you are 100% sure that your board is in tiptop shape. Solving a ding problem should be easy and quick, so you can get back into the water in no time - this can be done with the Phix Doctor!

Founded in 1983 by Hawaiian guy named Tony Gowen, who initially started making surfboard repair kits for local shops around Haleiwa. Currently, Phix Doctor is the leading innovator of surfboard repair solutions with the only patented fibreglass repair kit (The Micro Kit) and the first ultraviolet light repair kit (Dura Rez Deluxe) which allows surfers to repair indoors or at night. The company also offers the only repair kit made from bamboo fibreglass and 50% biological-based epoxy resin.

Environment-Friendly Approach

Such endeavors are crucial to the brand's production of 'greener' surfboard repair products since they focus on the performance and environmental impact of surfing and its relevant products.

Having this commitment to the environment, Phix Doctor uses flexible and more efficient packaging in terms of storage, shipment and landfill impact that help reduce the company's carbon footprint to 1/23rd versus their competitors. The company also uses off-cuts of fibreglass from their neighbouring surfboard manufacturers to help them reduce waste.

Another great reason to get Phix Doctor for your surfboard ding repair needs is that their tube resins do not harden. They have very lengthy shelf life and they do not discolour (non-yellowing) after application. This innovative formula also eliminates the toxic dose of styrene which is still present in many other UV repair kits in the market.

Phix Doctor Ding Repair Without Sunlight

As mentioned earlier, one of the greatest innovations in the products range of Phix Doctor is their repair kit with UV light. the Dura Rex Deluxe UV Ding Repair Kit is your day-to-night, all weather solution for fixing up unwanted dings and nicks caused by rough shredding and accidental bumps on your board.

While sunlight is crucial for curing the resin to bind it onto your board, you can do the same indoor and at night using the UV torch light. It will take 3 to 5 minutes to cure the resin, just a tad 2 minutes more compared to natural light outdoors on a sunny day.

This repair kit fixes both epoxy and polyester boards. The resin does not turn yellow, making your board looking like new again.

Positive Reviews

What we have discovered are mostly positive reviews and praises about the repair kits and individual tube resins that customers have used. While some are end users of the products, we have come across reviews made by retailers and shop owners who carry Phix Doctor in their establishments.

What we all agree to love about this product are the ease of use, the innovative and environment-friendly methods of producing the resin, and the long shelf-life that extends the 'value for money' aspect of the product.

When it's time to try a new ding repair kit for your board, better get the Phix Doctor right away. Shop them here at the Yakwax store and enjoy our wicked FREE UK delivery service!