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One of the most popular brands that usually ring a bell among skateboarders and fans of action sports is DC. Though the company's original focus since its inception was to produce cool skate shoes, it is now providing a wide range of footwear, apparel, outerwear and accessories to men, women and kids with a focus on Surf, Skate, Snowboarding and Moto. Also considered as a street or urban wear brand by many non-skateboard fans, DC is one of today's renowned shoes and apparel companies that transcend beyond action sports. Available at Yakwax with FREE UK Delivery.

DC Shoes & Clothing Online UK Shop

DCShoeCoUSA has been making waves since the early 1990's and the company's primary focus is to create the finest quality footwear for skateboarders and action sports enthusiasts. The company also developed into a world-renowned brand with expanded product line for men, women and kids. Their range of products include skateboarding and lifestyle trainers, snowboards and snowboarding boots, apparel, accessories, and outerwear with their main focus being on surfers, skaters and snowboarders along with Moto heads weather it be bike or car.

Like most lifestyle and action sports brands, DC's marketing strategy includes world-class professionals in the fields of skateboarding, snowboarding and motocross. The DC pro team represents and boosts the company's branding, develops signature products, and supports the company's promotional endeavours.

DC Shoes, the Footwear Line

DC was launched in 1994 as a footwear line and among the multiple brands under the founding/ownership of snowboarder Ken Block and skateboarder Damon Way.

The initials, DC, have two versions. One is 'Droors Clothing' which originated from the creation of Droors jeans in 1992 under the company that launched DC. Another version is the use of the first initials of pros Danny Way (Damon's brother) and Colin McKay.

DC Clothing and Accessories

With now a very successful shoe company (DC Shoes) up and running making footwear for skaters, BMXers, Surfers and Motor sport goers just to name a few, they've capitalised on their popularity by branching out with a clothing range. One of the things DC did amazingly well in it's early days was get a very powerful symbolic logo which has blessed their business growth in terms of the clothing market.

Today DC are as well known for making Hoodies, T-Shirts, Shorts, Jackets and snow wear as they are for making shoes. They really have gone from strength to strength and never looked back.

What we as shop owners sometimes worry about is when a company gets so big the quality of their products can drop, thankfully this has never happened with DC and we doubt ever will. Every product they knock out whether it be a pair of shoes, Hoodie, T-Shirt, Belt, Boardshorts or even Snowboard is of the very highest quality.

Exposure and Effective Marketing with the Pros

DC is among the first dedicated skate shoe companies that extensively used pros as endorsers. In 1996, the DC skateboarding team grew to eight professionals that went on a world tour in 1997. By the end of the year, surf and motocross teams were also established.

The company's promotional events were intended to showcase their professional team which, as a result, catapulted the brand's exposure. Among the most noteworthy events was when Danny Way jumped ten feet from a helicopter to a ramp festooned with DC logos. With the growing popularity of X Games, DC further increased its exposure to fans and avid extreme sports participants.

DC and the Growing Interest on Skate Shoes

It was around 2000 when the company started offering graphic kits in conjunction with One Industries for labelling dirt bikes with the DC logo. It was also the time when DC closed a dealer which resold products to unauthorised stores and settled a lawsuit against an alleged counterfeiter.

According to Sporting Goods Business, during DC's first six years, the number of skate shoe brands multiplied. The company was also shipping products to various countries. DC shoes were also being sold by mall-based retailers. Many shoe companies bigger than DC tried their luck at selling skate shoes, but primary consumers weren't happy with such brands that have become 'too mainstream' or readily available to non-skateboarders.

DC Shoes was able to expand its distribution successfully in the late 1990's. While their skate shoes have reached some of the biggest retail store chains, DC also kept hardcore skateboarders pleased with shoe styles that are only being sold at independent surf and skate stores like us here at Yakwax.

DC Collaborations

DC has collaborated with many notable individuals in the extreme sports world. Skate icons, surf wear creators and sports gear/apparel designers are just some of the people they've worked with in creating limited and exclusive designs.

In the music industry, DC shoes are among the favourite brands among rappers, hip hoppers, DJs and band members. Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park has collaborated with the company to design the DC/MS line. Jeru (hip hop icon) and Josh Kalis (skate legend) jointly collaborated with DC to create the coloured version of the JK7 Skate Shoe. The rap group Wu-Tang Clan has also collaborated with DC to create limited edition shoes and capsule collection of various items.

Aside from music icons, DC also collaborated with clothing brands (such as Roxy, Sickpack France and Ben Davis), audio/action sport gadgets marketers (Skullcandy), and artists (Kevin Lyons and CYRCLE) over the years to create unique shoe and apparel lines that are geared toward street and urban styles, as well as limited editions and seasonal designs.

For an avid skateboarder, surfer or fan, you wouldn't want to pass up on the coolest range of DC shoes, apparel and accessories, as well as the occasional limited edition and exclusive products that they release every now and then.

Make sure to drop by here at Yakwax for the coolest and latest DC products. And you can get them all with our FREE UK delivery!