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Men's Sweatshirts

Men's Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts for men are classictops in men's wardrobes. They are often made of thicker fabrics that are well-suited for fall and winter. Lightweight pullover sweatshirts are great as outerwear over t-shirt or tank top during the warmer months. Often associated with sports athletes and joggers, men's sweatshirts do make you sweat while doing your favourite outdoor activity.Browse our collection of men's sweatshirts from top brands likeBrixton, Channel Islands,DC, Globe, Primitive, Supra and Vissla, among many others. All with FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!

Sweatshirts & Sweaters For Men

Sweatshirts for men have been around for so many decades and they transcend age, fashion trends and subcultures.

Like the humble hoodie, men's sweatshirts were manufactured around the mid 1920's by the Knickerbocker Knitting Company, now known as Champion Products. The earliest versions were grey, collarless, over-sized and with long sleeves and made of fleece-like cotton fabric. They were mainly produced as utilitarian tops for athletes.

In the 1960's, universities in the U.S. created sweatshirts with slogans and graphics to promote their schools. The 1980's saw the rise of extreme sports such as skateboarding and surfing. Their absorbent quality made them staples in beachwear. Surfers can dry themselves up and get warm quicker by wearing them after getting out of the water.

Skate style, on the other hand, was the product of skateboarders wearing sweatshirts and their magazine exposure in the early 1980's. Young aspiring skateboarders who cannot follow their idols' moves could at least mimic the look. The typical skate style includes wearing a t-shirt, loose cargo pants or shorts, hooded sweatshirt and trainers.

The fashion industry, of course, followed suit with top designers having their own signature designs and styles - from crew neck to graphic and knitwear types. This made them more mainstream and popular even among the highbrow crowd.

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